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Rowing Australia launches new website


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Welcome to the new Rowing Australia website! The site, launched today, includes many new and exciting features. The new site still contains all of the useful information and items that assist the rowing community, but it now also provides additional content and useful features in a design that is more attractive and easier to navigate.

Before we list some of the new and exciting aspects of the site, we want to reach out to you, the rowing community, who will use this site the most and whose efforts on and off the water continue to ensure our great sport grows each day. We are hoping to harness the wealth of knowledge across the rowing community by forming a National Communications Network that will ensure we’re able to feature news from across all of Australian rowing. If you or your club have a story to tell we’d love to share it on the Rowing Australia website so that the entire Australian rowing community is up to date with the exciting news that is generated in every corner of the country. If you’re interested in being a part of the network, please email Lucy Benjamin on [email protected]

There are many exciting features to the new Rowing Australia website. Listed below are some of the most interesting and some hints on how best to use them:

The Homepage
The new homepage, is clean and, we hope, easy to navigate. You’ll see across the top menus you have News and Images, Rowing Australia, Events, High Performance and Community Rowing. Under each of these headings you’ll find all the information you may require, be it Regatta Rules (under Events), Athlete Profiles (under High Performance) or how to get into Para-Rowing (under Community Rowing).

The main images will change regularly with new content, so that the site will continue to interest you with fantastic rowing imagery and stories.

Social Media Integration
You may have noticed that Rowing Australia produces a lot of content on Social Media with the organistion now represented on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and YouTube. You can find relevant icons and ways to interact with the organisation all on the homepage and on the left side of our main images on the home page. You can now also ‘Share’ Athlete or Coach profiles with your own followers.

We also have a YouTube channel page on our website so you can watch our videos directly on the RA website and not just on Rowing Australia’s YouTube channel. If you haven’t done so already we’d also encourage you to follow each of Rowing Australia’s social media channels so that you can see all of our news and fun features.

Event Calendar
The Events Calendar, which features on the front of the website and also in the ‘Events’ tab, contains both national and international events and will be updated regularly. On the homepage it will show the three upcoming events of that month, while if you click through to the events calendar you can import the regatta calendar into your own personal calendars, or simply view it on the website.

Athlete of the Month
Each month we’ll be highlighting a current member of the Australian Rowing Team, from Senior A athletes to Junior, U21 and U23 team members. Whilst the Senior A athletes have individual profile pages at this stage, once the 2015 under-age teams are selected we’ll be adding in their profiles so that every athlete representing the country will have a page.

Find a Club
This is our most exciting new feature to help people get involved in the sport (and also those who move interstate but don’t want to give up rowing!) This feature enables users to input their postcode which will automatically generate a Google Map listing the rowing clubs nearest to your location. If you click on the club ‘pin’ on that map you will be provided with a location, contact number and contact email for the club, and even directions to get there. If there isn’t a club near you, then the search will suggest that you contact your nearest Member Association who will be able to assist you with your hunt for a club!

Discover Rowing Australia
The images at the bottom of the page guide you to key areas of the website and some of RA’s major activities that you may wish to visit.

Image Galleries
We’ve built new image galleries for users to easily view some fantastic photographs of Australian rowing, from the ARTeam in action, to the Sydney International Rowing Regatta, and other great regattas.

Feedback and Suggestions
We hope that you enjoy exploring the new website and its exciting new features. Our vision is to have the best rowing website in the world and we’d love for you to help us. As the website continues to develop and grow, we would be grateful for feedback on how users across the rowing community are finding the new site. If you’d like to help us, please take a minute or so to answer a short, four-question survey by clicking here.