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Update to Junior Australian Rowing Team

Rowing Australia today announced that the Junior Women’s Pair will no longer compete at the 2015 Junior World Rowing Championships. A recent injury to Rafaela Stalph has meant that she and her crew mate Charlotte Medway will be unable to compete in Rio de Janeiro next month.

In addition to the above announcement, Medway has been named as a non-travelling reserve for the 2015 Junior Australian Rowing Team in the category of Junior women’s sweep.

Deputy Performance Director, Jaime Fernandez said: “It is of course extremely disappointing for both girls and coach Alfie Young to not be travelling to Rio to compete at the Junior World Rowing Championships, especially after having worked so hard as a unit in their training for the event. We would like to wish Rafaela a speedy recovery from her injury and wish both athletes and coach all the best with their rowing endeavours and look forward to them continuing participation within the Rowing Australia Pathway system in the coming years.”