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Have Your Say – National Athlete Pathway Framework and Plan

Rowing Australia’s National Athlete Pathway Framework and Plan

Rowing Australia has partnered with the AIS Pathways and Development Section to commence the process of drafting a National Athlete Pathway Framework and Plan, with the aim to have it completed by the end of October 2015.  This framework will be aligned with AIS research and the best practice pathways framework FTEM.

The National Athlete Pathway Framework and Plan is a critical strategy for Rowing Australia’s Whole of Sport Plan as it links our Participation Framework to our High Performance aspiration to be the world’s leading rowing nation.  The framework will be developed in conjunction with experts from the AIS and in consultation with our leading rowing practitioners, coaches, athletes, member associations and stakeholders.  Before the end of September there will be an opportunity for all members of our National rowing community to access an online Pathways Workshop and provide feedback.

The Pathways Framework will inform and be linked to Rowing Australia’s National Participation Framework and the High Performance Tokyo 2020 Plan which are being developed concurrently.

The outcomes of the project include outlining how the pre-elite phases of the athlete high performance pathway align with and support the elite phases of the high performance pathway.  It will document the proposed National Athlete Pathway Framework for Rowing Australia with the resulting Pathways Plan to identify strategic priorities, the ideal Pathways structure and investment priorities for the Tokyo Quad and beyond.  It will also identify and establish the most appropriate operational delivery options for RA’s Pathway Program and establish role clarity across the pre-elite and elite phases of the high performance pathway.

If you would like to view the pathways presentation and contribute to the development of the Rowing Australia National Athlete Pathway Framework then email your name and email address to [email protected].  The next working day you will be emailed an invitation with a username and password to access the dedicated RA/AIS site that contains the appropriate background material and feedback opportunity.

We hope that you will take the opportunity to have your say.