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2016 Australian Indoor Rowing Championships

The inaugural 2016 Australian Indoor Rowing Championships drew to a close last night.

To date, we have seen over 500 competitors take part across 22 event centres across Australia. There have been some amazing indoor rowing scores with personal bests being achieved to boot. To find out the current results and how the various centres performed, click here.

We recently heard from the event centre at Lourdes Hill College, Brisbane which had 65 entries across multiple categories. Organiser, Kathy Phillips said: “It was amazing to be a part of the AIRC and the girls loved it as did the parents. We had 18 of our new Learn to Row girls enter who weren’t due to graduate the program until the day after the event. Our big girls coached them through the erg and cheered madly. The parents said it makes all the 04.45 starts worth it!”

From the photographs you can see everyone had a fantastic day!

Our next newsletter will have a have a full update on the 2016 AIRC, including an announcement on the final national champions in the various categories and how much competitors have raised for the Robert Connor Dawes Charity.

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