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2016 Australian Rowing Team announced

Australia to attempt to qualify four boats at the Final Olympic Qualification Regatta and one at the Final Paralympic Qualification Regatta


Rowing Australia today announced the 2016 Australian Rowing Team that will compete at the 2016 World Rowing Cups 2 and 3, along with the 2016 Final Olympic and Paralympic Qualification Regattas.

Seven crews will compete at World Rowing Cup 2 from 27 to 29 May in Lucerne, Switzerland and nine at World Rowing Cup 3 in Poznan, Poland from 17-19 June.

Australia is set to send five crews to the Final Olympic Qualification Regatta from 22-24 May in Lucerne, Switzerland and one crews to the Final Paralympic Qualification Regatta from 21-23 April in Gavirate, Italy.

The Final Olympic Qualification Regatta, which precedes World Rowing Cup 2, will see Australia attempt to qualify a Men’s Coxed Eight, a Women’s Coxed Eight, a Lightweight Women’s Double Scull and a Men’s Single Scull. Meanwhile, the Legs, Trunks and Arms Mixed Coxed Four will attempt to grab a spot for Australia at the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games by competing at the Final Paralympic Qualification Regatta in April.

General Manager – Sport, Jaime Fernandez said: “The trialing process is always a rigorous one with selectors endeavouring to establish a competitive edge between athletes.

“Where we have selected squads, the reasoning behind this was to ensure that our fastest crews were ultimately put on the water and to maintain strong competition for seats within those squads.

“Crew performances will continue to be assessed throughout the coming months as we lead into the World Cups and Final Qualification Regattas, and therefore all athletes should remain focused on maintaining their competitive mindset to ensure the best possible performances on the water will translate into podium outcomes.”

Australian Rowing Team Head Coach, Chris O’Brien said: “We are performance-based sport where the ultimate test comes when you have to perform under competitive pressure.

“In my role, which has a clear on-water focus, I will endeavour to support the selected crews and squads, along with their coaches, to get best possible outcomes on the water.

“At the conclusion of this event all the athletes during the coming months will be taking part in the Hancock Prospecting and Georgina Hope Foundation Destination Gold Camp at the Reinhold Batschi National Training Centre in Canberra. I look forward to working with all the crews over the coming year.”

2016 Australian Rowing Team to compete at World Cups 2 and 3

Crews listed bow to stroke; in brackets is their club, State and relevant SIS/SAS if tiered 3 and above)

Men’s Sweep

Men’s Four and Pair Squad
William Lockwood (Melbourne University BC/VIC – RBNTC)
Joshua Dunkley-Smith (Mercantile RC/VIC – VIS)
Joshua Booth (Melbourne University BC/VIC – VIS)
Alexander Hill (Adelaide RC/SA – RBNTC)
Spencer Turrin (Sydney RC/NSW – RBNTC)
Alexander Lloyd (Sydney RC/NSW – RBNTC)
Coach: Chris O’Brien (RBNTC)
Underpinning Coach for Men’s Sweep: Mark Prater (Sydney University BC)

Men’s Sculling

Men’s Quadruple Scull
Karsten Forsterling (Melbourne University BC/VIC – VIS)
Cameron Girdlestone (Sydney University BC/NSW – NSWIS)
James McRae (Murray Bridge RC/SA – SASI)
Alexander Belonogoff (Sydney University BC/NSW – SASI)
Coach: John Driessen (Huon RC)

Men’s Double Scull
Chris Morgan (Sydney RC/SA – NSWIS)
David Watts (Swan River RC/WA – RBNTC)
Coach: Rhett Ayliffe (WAIS)

Women’s Sculling

Women’s Single Scull
Kimberley Brennan (Melbourne University BC/VIC – RBNTC)
Coach: Lyall McCarthy (RBNTC)

Women’s Quadruple Scull
Jessica Hall (Brisbane & GPS RC/QLD – QAS)
Kerry Hore (Huon RC/TAS – TIS)
Jennifer Cleary (Mercantile RC/VIC – VIS)
Madeleine Edmunds (Commercial RC/QLD – QAS)
Coach: Tom Westgarth (QAS)

Women’s Double Scull
Sally Kehoe (Sydney University BC/QLD – SASI)
Elizabeth Kell (Sydney University BC/NSW)* Subject to Medical Clearance
Women’s Sculling Reserve: Genevieve Horton (Mosman RC/NSW – NSWIS)
Coach: Rhett Ayliffe (WAIS)
Underpinning Coach for Women’s Sculling: Andrew Randell (ACTAS)

Para-rowing section for World Cup 3 only

Arms Shoulders Men’s Single Scull
Erik Horrie (Sydney RC/NSW – NSWIS)
Coach: Jason Baker (Sydney RC)

Trunk and Arms Mixed Double Scull
Gavin Bellis (Powerhouse RC/VIC – RBNTC)
Kathryn Ross (ANU/VIC – RBNTC)
Coach: Gordon Marcks (RBNTC)

Final Paralympic Qualification Regatta Crew (21-23 April, Gavirate, Italy)

Legs Trunks and Arms Mixed Coxed Four
Davinia Lefroy (West Australian RC/WA)
Jeremy McGrath (Balmain RC/NSW – NSWIS)
Brock Ingram (West Australian RC/WA)
Kathleen Murdoch (Nepean RC/NSW – NSWIS)
Coxswain – Josephine Burnand (Mosman RC/NSW – NSWIS)
Coach: Lindsay Callaghan (Nepean RC)

Final Olympic Qualification Regatta Crews (22-24 May, Lucerne, Switzerland)

Men’s Sweep

Men’s Coxed Eight Squad
Jack Hargreaves (Sydney University BC/NSW – NSWIS)
Joshua Hicks (Sydney RC/WA – NSWIS)
Fergus Pragnell (Sydney University BC/NSW – VIS)
James Chapman (Sydney RC/NSW – NSWIS)
Nicholas Purnell (Sydney University BC/NSW – NSWIS)
Timothy Masters (UTS RC/VIC)
James Medway (UTS RC/NSW)
Charles Risbey (UTS RC/VIC)
Joshua Hooper (UTS RC/VIC)
Samuel Hookway (Melbourne University BC/VIC – VIS)
Nick Wheatley (Sydney University BC/NSW – NSWIS)
Scott Laidler (UTS RC /QLD – QAS)
Angus Moore (Sydney RC/ACT) * Subject to medical clearance
Coxswain: Stuart Sim (Melbourne University BC/VIC)
Coach: Simon Cox (RBNTC)

Women’s Sweep

Women’s Coxed Eight Squad
Fiona Albert (Mercantile RC/QLD – VIS)
Georgina Gotch (Mosman RC/NSW)
Charlotte Sutherland (Mercantile RC/VIC – VIS)
Alexandra Hagan (Swan River RC/WA – RBNTC)
Jessica Morrison (Mercantile RC/VIC)
Olympia Aldersey (Adelaide RC/SA – RBNTC)
Genevieve Horton (Mosman RC/NSW – NSWIS)
Lucy Stephan (Melbourne University BC/VIC – VIS)
Molly Goodman (Adelaide RC/SA – SASI)
Meaghan Volker (Buckingham RC/TAS – TIS)
Katrina Bateman (Mercantile RC/VIC – RBNTC)
Coxswain: Sarah Banting (Mercantile RC/VIC – VIS)
Coach: Mark Fangen-Hall (RBNTC)
Coach: Alfie Young (Mosman RC)

Women’s Sculling

Lightweight Women’s Double Scull
Hannah Every-Hall (Dutton Park RC and Canberra RC/QLD)
Georgia Nesbitt (Huon RC/TAS – TIS)
Reserve: Ella Flecker (Huon RC/TAS – TIS)
Coach: Ellen Randell (UTS RC)

Men’s Sculling

Men’s Single Scull
Rhys Grant (West Australian Rowing Club/WA – WAIS)
Coach: Rhett Ayliffe (WAIS)