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National Training Centre Athletes Announced

Last week Rowing Australia was incredibly proud to host 63 talented male and female  athletes across its two National Training Centres as part of our CampaignNumberOne Testing Camp.

Performance Director, Bernard Savage said the camps had been an integral part of bringing the elite athletes into the new look daily training environment.

“We are really pleased with how well the camps have gone, with the athletes who attended thoroughly engaged and very enthusiastic about being involved.

We have provided invitations for those who will come in for 2017, and also spoken to those who unfortunately didn’t make it this year.    Talking personally to the unsuccessful athletes was particularly important to us, specifically looking at how we can assist them to improve moving forward by working with them and their coaches in their home environment”.

New coaches Ian Wright and John Keogh have relished the opportunity to see Australia’s rowers in their respective new training environments.

“They have been really excited about getting their first look at the wider athlete group. They’re looking forward to working with those athletes who are already in the centres pre-Christmas and managing the transition of the Olympians into the centres in the short and medium-term.”

Australia’s Olympic rowers are automatically assured of a place at the National Training Centres in 2017, however not all were in attendance at the recent camps .   Savage explained that there is some transitioning work being done with Australia’s most recent Olympians, who have come off a massive year.

“There are a couple of different scenarios with the Olympians.  Some we are working with in the short term who are keen to be involved in the centres  from January 2017 and we are now working with those athletes to help them with their transition.

“There are a number who are looking to knock off some work and/or study commitments in 2017 which may preclude them from coming into the centre.   We are working through this with each of these athletes on an individual basis, to keep them engaged and connected with the two centres, the athlete group and the coaches in 2017, so that any 2018 transition is seamless.

It’s been a critically important and valuable process for me to connect with those athletes individually and get an understanding of each of their circumstances and how we can manage them in the context of the two centres.  On a personal note, now that I’m six weeks in, it’s been great to spend some time getting to know them.”

List of current NTC athletes can be viewed by clicking here.