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Australian Records Broken at 2016 AIRC

The 2016 Australian Indoor Rowing Championships drew to a close last month and with full results set to be announced this Friday (9 December), we thought we would share the exciting news that 14 Australian records were set by competitors across the country! Concept2 Australia have confirmed that the following competitors are now Australian record holders!

Congratulations to the following:

Name Category Distance Time Event Centre record set at
Blake Gillian Men’s, 12 years 2000m 8:32.5 Tara/MLC School
Lily Smith Women’s 13-14 years 1000m 3:46.6 Tara/MLC School
Maddison Piper Women’s 13-14 years 500m 1:46.4 Lourdes Hill
Lucas Wigston Men’s 13-14 years 2000m 6:49.2 New Town Bay Rowing Centre
Tyler Pearce Men’s 13-14 years 500m 1:34.7 Sunshine Coast Indoor Rowing Club
Georgia Powell Women’s 13-14 years 2000m 7:39.7 Inspire Health
Charlotte Jenkins Women’s 15-16 years 1000m 3:41.2 Lourdes Hill
Kaila Seeley


Women’s 15-16 years 500m 1:45.8 Lourdes Hill
Cormac Kennedy-Leverett Men’s 15-16 years 2000m 6:23.7 Griffith University Surfers Paradise Rowing Club
Taylor Smith Women’s 15-16 years 2000m 7:19.5 Inspire Health
Ruby Gambale Women’s 17 years 1000m 3:29.4 Canberra Girls Grammar School
Michael McNamara Men’s Lightweight 19-29 years 500m 1:23:9 Nagambie Rowing Club
John Dyson Men’s Lightweight 60-64 years 1000m 3:26.6 Tara/MLC School
Lindsay Hay Men’s Open-weight 65-69 years 2000m 6:48.4 Tara/MLC School

You can visit the Concept2 Australia website HERE to see the newest Australian record holders!

In addition to the above 14 Australian record holders, Paul Jeffrey who broke the World Record in his age group for the Concept2 1 minute rip, for the Men’s 50-59 year-old category – you can see Paul’s record HERE.