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High Performance Updates

There have been a number of recent and important High Performance updated. To summarise the recent updates, please see below. The relevant areas for review are:

  • Updated Event Requirements (ERs)
  • Board Approved Appeals Policy
  • Nomination and Eligibility Requirements
  • Appointment of the Ombudsman for the Senior Trials
  • Announcement of the Team Managers

Updated Event Requirements:

  • A summary of the adjustments to relevant ER’s is provided below for quick reference with key points being:
    • change across all Event Requirements to provide greater clarity around the link between the Selection Policy and the Event Requirements, and in particular to clarify the expectations for the selectors in applying the discretion afforded to them under the Policy.
    • a process for consideration of US based U23 athletes has been incorporated into the U23 Event Requirements – this process broadly mirrors the process utilised in 2016.

 Junior Team:

  • Change to the dates for Trials: 23rd – 28th April

U21 Team:

  • Change to 2Km Ergo window: 1st January 2017 – 20th March 2017
  • Change to Nomination closing date: 20th March
  • Change to dates for Trials: 23rd – 25th April (this is different to Junior and U23 trials)

U23 Team:

  • Change to the dates for Trials: 23rd – 29th April
  • Details regarding the process for considering  US based U23 athletes and specifically the Australian U23 Selection Trial #2

Appeals Policy:

  • Following the recent updates to the RA Selection Policy framework, there are a number of consequential changes required to the RA Appeals Policy
  • Changes to note:
    • Consistent with the recommendations of the Selection Policy Review, the right to appeal has been restricted to Senior Team athletes only, with the Selection Ombudsman replacing this function at the Under 23, Under 21 and Junior Team levels.
    • The redraft includes clarification that exclusion of an athlete based upon the failure to satisfy the Mandatory Requirements in the Selection Policy (being the minimum eligibility requirements) is not appellable

Nomination and Eligibility Requirements:

  • Details relating to Eligibility requirements incorporated into one document for clarity.

Selection Ombudsman:

  • Mark Williams SC has been appointed as the Selection Ombudsman for the Senior Team in 2017
  • Mr Williams was the Selection Ombudsman in 2016 and has a strong background within rowing, selection matters, and the law.

Team Managers:
The following team managers have been appointed for the 2017 international season:

  • Senior Team: Wayne Diplock
  • Under 23 Team: Andrew Service
  • Under 21 Team: Naomi Wagstaff
  • Junior Team: Georgie Lee

To ensure any enquiries are dealt with correctly we would ask you forward these to the correct person.

Any matters relating to Underage Teams should be directed to Deputy Performance Director Jaime Fernandez ([email protected]), matters pertinent to Para Rowing to Head Coach Gordon Marcks ([email protected]) and Senior A to Performance Director, Bernard Savage ([email protected]).

All updated relevant documents can be found on the Rowing Australia website here.