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Australia announces crews for 2017 World Rowing Championships

10 crews set to represent Australia in Sarasota-Bradenton, USA

Rowing Australia today announced the 10 crews that are set to represent Australia at the upcoming 2017 World Rowing Championships to be held in Sarasota-Bradenton, USA. The four women’s crews, five men’s crews and one men’s para-rowing crew will compete at the event held from 24 September to 1 October 2017.

Three-time para-rowing World Champion Erik Horrie, competing internationally for the first time since his Paralympic silver medal in 2016, will compete in the PR1 Men’s Single Scull (formerly known as the Arms Shoulders Men’s Single Scull).

Senior Para-rowing coach Gordon Marcks said: “This year’s World Championships will have a new dimension to it, with crews racing over two kilometres. We are looking forward to Erik competing over a distance that suits his style and seeing how he performs post Paralympics.”

The women’s crews remain unchanged from the crews that raced at World Rowing Cup 3 in Lucerne, including the gold medal winning Women’s Four from both Poznan and Lucerne, and the Lightweight Women’s Quadruple Scull.

The men’s crews have been reviewed by the Australian Rowing Team Selectors post the World Cups which has seen some minor adjustments made to the Men’s Eight. All other crews have remained as originally named for the World Cup tour.

Hamish Playfair and Simon Keenan join the Eight, while Angus Widdicombe and Darcy Wruck will fulfil the roll of reserves at the event and also compete in the Men’s Coxed Pair alongside James Rook (subject to them not being required to step into a boat).

Rowing Australia Performance Director, Bernard Savage said: “Today’s announcement sees a small revision in the team after the recent World Rowing Cups. We are confident that the crews selected will build on the positive performance we saw in Europe and be highly completive at the World Championships in Sarasota.”

Australian Rowing Team for the 2017 World Rowing Championships
(SIS/SAS, Club and State in brackets)

PR1 Men’s Single Scull (formerly AS Men’s Single Scull)
Erik Horrie (NSWIS/Sydney RC/NSW)

Lightweight Women’s Quadruple Scull
Amy James (Hancock Prospecting Women’s NTC/Toowong RC/QLD)
Georgia Miansarow (Hancock Prospecting Women’s NTC/Sydney University BC/NSW)
Alice Arch (Hancock Prospecting Women’s NTC/Melbourne University BC/VIC)
Georgia Nesbitt (Hancock Prospecting Women’s NTC/Huon RC/TAS)

Women’s Quadruple Scull
Caitlin Cronin (Hancock Prospecting Women’s NTC/UQBC/QLD)
Rowena Meredith (Hancock Prospecting Women’s NTC/Sydney University BC/NSW)
Genevieve Horton (Hancock Prospecting Women’s NTC/Sydney University BC/NSW)
Leah Saunders (Hancock Prospecting Women’s NTC/Sydney RC/NSW)

Women’s Double Scull
Madeleine Edmunds (Hancock Prospecting Women’s NTC/Commercial RC/QLD)
Olympia Aldersey (Hancock Prospecting Women’s NTC/Adelaide RC/SA)

Women’s Four
Molly Goodman (Hancock Prospecting Women’s NTC/Adelaide RC/SA)
Sarah Hawe (TIS/Huon RC/TAS)
Katrina Werry (VIS/Mercantile RC/VIC)
Lucy Stephan (Hancock Prospecting Women’s NTC/Melbourne University BC/VIC)

Women’s Reserves
Fiona Ewing (NSWIS/Sydney University BC/NSW)
Georgina Gotch (Hancock Prospecting Women’s NTC/ Sydney University BC/NSW)

Lightweight Men’s Quadruple Scull
Sean Murphy (NSWIS/Mosman RC/NSW)
James Kerr (WAIS/University of WA BC/WA)
Redmond Matthews (Mercantile RC/VIC)
Hamish Parry (QAS/Toowing RC/QLD)

Lightweight Men’s Sculling Reserve
Cameron Fowler (Swan River RC/WA)

Men’s Double Scull
David Watts (Reinhold Batshi Men’s NTC/Swan River RC/WA)
Luke Letcher (Reinhold Batshi Men’s NTC/Black Mountain RC/ACT)

Men’s Four
Alexander Hill (Reinhold Batshi Men’s NTC/Adelaide RC/SA)
Jack Hargreaves (Reinhold Batshi Men’s NTC/Sydney University BC/NSW)
Spencer Turrin (Reinhold Batshi Men’s NTC/Sydney RC/NSW)
Joshua Hicks (Reinhold Batshi Men’s NTC/Sydney RC/WA)

Men’s Eight
Alexander Purnell (Reinhold Batshi Men’s NTC/Sydney University BC/NSW)
Hamish Playfair (Reinhold Batshi Men’s NTC/University of Technology Sydney RC/NSW)
Simon Keenan (NSWIS/Melbourne University BC/VIC)
Campbell Watts (Reinhold Batshi Men’s NTC/Sydney University BC/NSW)
Tim Masters (Reinhold Batshi Men’s NTC/University of Technology Sydney RC/VIC)
Benjamin Coombs (University of Technology Sydney RC/VIC)
Nathan Bowden (Sydney RC/SA)
Angus Moore (Reinhold Batshi Men’s NTC/Sydney RC/NSW)
James Rook (Mercantile RC/VIC)

Men’s Reserves (also racing Men’s Coxed Pair if not required as a reserve)
Angus Widdicombe (Reinhold Batshi Men’s NTC/Mercantile RC/VIC)
Darcy Wruck (Reinhold Batshi Men’s NTC/Commercial RC/QLD)

Men’s Coaches – all based at Reinhold Batschi Men’s National Training Centre
Head Coach: Ian Wright
Senior Coaches: Mark Prater and Andrew Randell

Women’s Coaches – all based at Hancock Prospecting Women’s National Training Centre
Head Coach: John Keogh
Senior Coaches: Tom Westgarth and Ellen Randell

Para-rowing Coaches
Senior Para-rowing Coach: Gordon Marcks (Rowing Australia)
Coach: Jason Baker (Sydney RC/NSW)