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2019 World Rowing Tour – New Zealand

The 2019 World Rowing Tour is set to be held in New Zealand from 9 to 16 April. The tour cost in New Zealand dollars is $3,000 which includes a €50 (euro) contribution to the FISA Tour Rowing Development Fund.

The contribution from tour participants will help the first Pacific island development project being undertaken by ORCON (Oceania Rowing Confederation) being undertaken in Samoa and American Samoa.

Four of the eight coastal quads being used on the tour will be fully fundedby the Tour Rowing Community. With Warwick Marler, the FISA Commissioner for Recreational and Tour Rowing commenting, “In 2015 the Norbert Krenn Memorial Tour Rowing Fund was established in memory of a dear tour rowing friend who was tragically killed while rowing on the Danube – to support Tour Rowing.

“Suzie Jones of Sydney and I are the trustees, this Fund will be contributing to the boat purchase, with the boats being used during the tour while post-tour they will be shipped to American Samoa to provide the start-up equipment for the FISA rowing development project in both American Samoa and Samoa.”

In 2017, FISA approved a proposal to establish a Tour Rowing Development Fund, the fee paid by each participant in a World Rowing Tour includes a 50 Euro contribution to this fund.Contributions from 2018 World Rowing Tour Spain, 2019 World Rowing Tour New Zealand and 2019 World Rowing Tour Finland will be contributed to the boat purchase.

Mr Marler continued, “A boat hire fee will be paid by the Tour organisers to cover the balance of the cost of boat purchase, while post-Tour, the boats will be shipped to American Samoa.American Samoa is now ready to receive rowing equipment and commence a rowing operation, while Samoa is close to that point as well. 

“Two of the boats will be sent over to nearby Samoa when that country secures suitable secure storage facilities (i.e. a boat shed) for the boats.  The American Samoa Rowing Association will look after Samoa’s two boats and equipment in the meantime.  Those boats, earmarked for Samoa, will remain the property of ORCON until the Samoan Rowing Association is ready to receive them.”

The rowing development project,in both American Samoa and Samoa, will be overseen by FISA’s Oceania Rowing Development Officer, Andrew MacKenzie, with the boats will be available (for a fee) for tour rowing in the future – and so enhance the sustainability of the programs.

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