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Australia push through despite illness on Day 2 of Trans-Tasman

Day 2 of the Trans-Tasman regatta was again raced in perfect conditions, though New Zealand extended their lead over the illness-ridden Australian team.

Despite the illness, there was some great close racing in all races. The highlight for the team was the Women’s quad (Katelin Douglas, Celia Cowan, Adelaide Scott and Katelyn Nicholson) who reversed their result from the morning heat to afternoon final to come away with the gold medal. Points at the conclusion of day two are New Zealand 133, Australia 107. Crews will combine in eights for the final day of racing today.

Points for racing will be awarded in the finals as follows:

  1. 1st – 6 points, 2nd – 4 points, 3rd – 2 points and 4th – 1 point for –W1x, M1x, W2- and M2-.
  2. 1st – 6 points and 2nd – 4 points for LW2x, LM2x, W4-, M4-, W4x, M4x, W8+ and M8+.
  3. 1st – 2 points and 2nd – 1 point for LW1x, LM1x and MixL2x.Medals will be awarded to the first-placed boat in each category.

U21 Australian Rowing Team for 2019 Trans-Tasman Regatta

U21 New Zealand Rowing Team for 2019 Trans-Tasman Regatta