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2019/20 National Training Centre Athletes Confirmed

Rowing Australia is pleased to announce the two athlete groups we have welcomed into both the men’s and women’s National Training Centres for the 2019/20 season and who are now training or transitioning at these two facilities.

Intake 1 received automatic invitation to the NTCs having competed at the 2019 World Rowing Championships and meeting the required performance standards. There were also some discretionary invitations for rowers in the qualified boats. These athletes have commenced training at their respective National Training Centres. Intake 2 received an invitation to their respective NTC having taken part in the recent NTC Testing Camps. Athletes for Intake 2 will begin transitioning into the NTCs in the coming weeks.

While there are a number of 2019 Australian Rowing Team members returning in Intake 2, there are some familiar and new names joining the centres.

2019 U23 World Champion, Adam Bakker, joins the Men’s National Training Centre, alongside fellow 2019 U23 Australian Rowing Team member Nick Lavery. Ben Coombs also returns to the National Training Centre for the 2019/20 season.

The Hancock Prospecting Women’s National Training Centre sees three new faces join its ranks, all of whom are 2019 U23 World Championship medallists. 2019 World Rowing U23 Champion, Ria Thompson, joins the centre alongside U23 silver medallists Giorgia Patten and Harriet Hudson.

Recent updates as of June 2020 include the departure of Angus Moore and Georgina Gotch from the centres and the addition of David Bartholot, Patrick Holt and Rowena Meredith.

Reinhold Batschi Men’s National Training Centre

Intake 1
Name Club State
Alexander Hill Adelaide Rowing Club SA
Alexander Purnell Sydney University Boat Club NSW
Angus Widdicombe Mercantile Rowing Club VIC
Cameron Girdlestone Sydney University Boat Club NSW
Campbell Watts Sydney University Boat Club NSW
David Watts Sydney Rowing Club WA
Hamish Playfair UTS Rowing Club NSW
Jack Hargreaves Sydney University Boat Club NSW
Jack O’Brien Sydney University Boat Club NSW
Joshua Booth Melbourne University BC VIC
Joshua Hicks Sydney Rowing Club WA
Nicholas Purnell Sydney University Boat Club NSW
Sam Hardy Sydney Rowing Club NSW
Simon Keenan Melbourne University BC VIC
Spencer Turrin Sydney Rowing Club NSW
Timothy Masters UTS Rowing Club VIC
Intake 2
 Name Club State
Rob Black Mosman Rowing Club NSW
Liam Donald Mercantile Rowing Club VIC
Jack Cleary West Australian Rowing Club WA
Caleb Antill ANU Boat Club ACT
Ben Coombs UTS Rowing Club VIC
Adam Bakker Commercial Rowing Club QLD
Nick Lavery UTS Rowing Club VIC
Patrick Holt UTS Rowing Club NSW
David Bartholot Sydney University Boat Club NSW


Hancock Prospecting Women’s National Training Centre

Intake 1
Amanda Bateman Mercantile Rowing Club VIC
Annabelle McIntyre Fremantle Rowing Club WA
Bronwyn Cox University of West Australia Boat Club WA
Genevieve Horton Sydney University Boat Club NSW
Georgina Rowe UTS Rowing Club NSW
Jacinta Edmunds Commercial Rowing Club QLD
Jessica Morrison Mercantile Rowing Club VIC
Katrina Werry Mercantile Rowing Club VIC
Leah Saunders Sydney Rowing Club NSW
Lucy Stephan Melbourne University Boat Club VIC
Molly Goodman Adelaide Rowing Club SA
Olympia Aldersey Adelaide Rowing Club SA
Rosemary Popa Banks Rowing Club VIC
Sarah Hawe Huon Rowing Club VIC
Coxswain: James Rook Mercantile Rowing Club VIC
Intake 2
Name Club State
Rowena Meredith
Sydney University Boat Club NSW
Ciona Wilson Tamar Rowing Club TAS
Lilly Tinapple Swan River Rowing Club WA
Sarah Pound UTS Rowing Club NSW
Georgia Nesbitt Huon Rowing Club TAS
Emma Fessey UTS Rowing Club NSW
Giorgia Patten West Australian Rowing Club WA
Harriet Hudson Sydney Rowing Club NSW
Ria Thompson University of Queensland Boat Club VIC