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RA Athletes’ Commission Updates

Rowing Australia (RA) today announced an update to the RA Athletes’ Commission for the 2020/21 season. The Commission, that is chaired by Olympian Hannah Every-Hall, has a total of 12 members, not including Every-Hall, that are elected and appointed out of current and past athletes.

The new athlete members for the 2020/21 season are Olympians David Watts and Cameron Girdlestone, alongside two-time World Champion, Jack Hargreaves. These three join returning athlete members Rosie Popa, Georgia Nesbitt, Renae Domaschenz and Paralympian Erik Horrie.

Newly appointed RAAC member, Alice Arch

There are five appointed members of the RAAC, who are athletes that have represented Australia in the last eight years, but are not currently competing. 2008 Olympic gold medalist, David Crawshay, and former Australian Rowing Team member, Alice Arch, have become newly appointed members, joining returning appointed members Olympian James Chapman and Georgie Howe, while triple Olympic medalist, Kim Brennan, remains on the Commission, in an Ex Officio capacity, due to her role on the AOC Athletes’ Commission.

The purpose of the RAAC is to represent the views of athletes to the RA Board and relevant committees of RA. They report to the athlete body the outcomes of relevant decisions made by RA on issues identified by the athlete body through the Athletes’ Commission.

Olympic gold medalist David Crawshay is a newly appointed member of the RAAC

The Commission also advise the Board on all matters relating to athletes within the rowing community. They may offer or give advice; offer or give counsel; offer an opinion; make a recommendation; consult; or, give information or notice to the RA Board.

The Athletes’ Commission will endeavour to look after the athletes of RA in the following ways:

(a) be available to provide advice and support to athletes where appropriate;
(b) to communicate relevant material from RA to the athletes;
(c) keep the athlete body informed;
(d) provide the athlete body with a structure for having communications with
the RA board; and
(e) to provide guidance in the form of advice to athletes involved in an appeals process.