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The inaugural Australian Coastal Rowing and Beach Sprints Championships is to be held in at Noosa Main Beach West on Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 August 2021.
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The event is being hosted by Rowing Australia and Rowing Queensland.

To register your interest, please complete the EOI form here
For more details please contact [email protected]

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  M1x W1x Mix2x Mix4x+
Youth / U21 × ×   ×
Open × × × ×
Masters C+ (43+)     × ×
Para       ×
Important Dates
Entries Open 9am Monday 14 June
Entries Close Midnight AEST Monday 2 August 2021
Withdrawal Without Penalty Midnight AEST Thursday 5 August 2021
Entry Fee Payments Due COB Friday 13 August 2021
Course opens for training Wednesday 18 & Thursday 19 August 2021
Skippers Meeting (compulsory) Friday 20 August 2021
Racing Begins Saturday 21 August 2021

Entry to the event is open to all competitors who are authorised to compete by their affiliated Member Association and who are eligible under the Rowing Australia Rules and By-laws of Racing.
All competitors must have a current competitive membership with a Rowing Australia affiliated club or association to be eligible for entry. Details on membership options can be directed to your local club or the State Rowing Association in the state in which the rower resides.
Under 21: A rower or coxswain shall be classified as an Under 21 rower until 31 December of the year in which the rower reaches the age of 20.
Open: Open rowing events are open to rowers of all ages
Masters C+: Masters C+ events are open to rowers of 43 years of age or more.
Para: to be eligible to compete, para rowers must have at a minimum a provisional classification in a para rowing sport class.  The Para event will be PR3, however athletes are able row up a sport class to compete (i.e. PR1 or PR2 can race in PR3)

Conditions of Entry
  • Competitors agree that they may be filmed and/or photographed during racing which may be published online.
  • Competitors must be able to swim 50 metres and tread water unaided for 3 minutes
  • Competitors will be liable for any costs for ambulance transport required as a result of sickness/injury at the event.
  • Competitors must have a contact phone number listed in Rowing Manager
  • Competitors and team staff must comply with COVID-19 safety regulations.
  • Competitors must attend the skippers briefing to be eligible to compete.

The Australian Coastal Rowing and Beach Sprint Championships will be conducted according to the Rowing Australia Rules and By-laws of Racing & the Beach Sprint and Coastal Rowing Appendices to these Rules.
These can be found at

Indicative Schedule

Click here to view the Indicative Schedule for Beach Sprints (Saturday)
Click here to view the Indicative Schedule for Coastal Rowing (Sunday)
Click here to view the Progression Systems

Boat & Oar Hire

Boats and Oars (new) will be provided for the event by Sykes Racing.  The hire of boats and oars is included as part of the seat fee.
Crews are not able to bring their own boats or oars to use during the event.

  • Spans will be set to 160cm and cannot be changed.
  • Competitors may change their gate height and feet position immediately prior to race start.
  • The Sykes Team will be available to manage boats and equipment at all times during racing.
Boat Purchase

Boats used during the championships will be made available for purchase post event.
If you are interested in purchasing boats, please contact:

Mark Nothnagel
Director, Jeff Sykes and Associates Pty Ltd
T: +61 (0)3 5221 3655 | M1: +61 (0)439 966 044
A: 65-67 Tucker St, Breakwater, Victoria, 3219. Australia
E: [email protected]

Competitors/Skippers Briefing

The skippers /competitors briefing is compulsory for all crews.  This will be held on Friday 20 in the afternoon nearby the venue.  No crews will be permitted to race if they have not attended the briefing.

Orphan Rowers
Name Age Club Contact Number Contact Email Beach Sprint/Coastal Events I am intersted in Rower / Coxswain

*To be added to this list (or removed) please contact [email protected])


Making Entries

Entries will be capped to 16 per event.
Entries in each event will be capped at one entry per club (for the 2x and 4x+) and two entries per club for the 1x.

  • Any entries over these amounts will be placed on a waiting list. After entries close, crews on the waiting list will be added to the crew entry lists at the discretion of the regatta organisers.
  • Waitlisted crews will be updated in Rowing Manager if their entry is accepted.
  • Composite crews will be allocated crew places pro rata (if a club has 2 rowers across 2 crews in a quad, that will account for the allocation of rowers for that event)

To make entries go to: (your club administrator can make entries through Rowing Manager)

Education & Resources

Some educational opportunities will be made available on coastal rowing in the days leading up to the event.
Some great videos area available courtesy of World Rowing HERE

Pre Event Training

Specific training days will be Wednesday 18 and Thursday 19 August at the venue.
Booking for boats and training sessions during these training days will be made available online closer to the event.

Entry Fees

Entry fees will be charged (per person) as follows:
$100 for the first seat and $50 per seat thereafter capped at $300 for the two-day event.

Entry fees include boat and oar hire.

Details on payment of entry fees will be provided closer to the event. Entries not paid by the notified due date will be removed from the draw and waitlisted crews offered that position.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why are not all events offered in all categories?

In the first year we are consolidating our offering so that we can manage the regatta over the two days. Based on interest and participation, this will guide our decision making with regard to the inclusion of future events and categories. We believe the 2021 Australian Coastal Rowing and Beach Sprint Championships are providing the most diverse offering of events and categories of any international coastal rowing regatta, with Open, Masters, Youth, and Para categories across Solo, Double and Quad events in both the Endurance (Coastal Rowing) and Sprint (Beach Sprints) formats of the discipline. 

Why are there no single gender events, aside from the solos?

According to World Rowing, Coastal Rowing is a discipline where mixed events are the preference. RA are not trying to replicate flatwater rowing in a coastal setting, and there are a multitude of flatwater single gender events and regattas for rowers to particpate in.  Mixed boats enables us to offer more boat classes and categories than we could with single gender events, based on the timeframe available for the Regatta. At the World Rowing Beach Sprint Finals, the only boat classes offered are the CM1x, CW1x, CMix2x, CMix4x+. In order to allow multiple racing opportunities for crews, we have offered the same events for both the Beach Sprints (Sprint) and the Coastal Rowing (Endurance) formats during the regatta. As the ACR&BSC grow, we would like to ultimately include more single gender events however mixed events will remain the priority. 

Can anyone enter the Open events?

Yes, anyone from any age category can enter the Open events.

Why aren’t all underage and masters age categories offered?

All competitors are able to enter the Open events.  We have opened the opportunity to offer Masters and Under 21 events at this regatta in some boat classes to test see what the uptake of these are. This will help guide decision making for the future events program.

What events will likely be offered at the Olympic Games, if this becomes a future Olympic event?

Coastal Men’s Solo (CM1x), Coastal Women’s Solo (CW1x), Coastal Mixed Double (CMix2x).

Will there be more events and age categories offered in the future?

We will look to offer more age categories and events in the future, based on interest and participation at this year’s Regatta

Will there be more events and age categories offered in the future?

We will look to offer more age categories and events in the future, based on interest and participation at this year’s Regatta

Will the ACR&BSC be a longer regatta in the future?

Yes, we will look at increasing the number of days for the regatta in future years as the event and discipline grows.

Does the entry fee calculate over the two days, or does it reset for each day?

The entry fee calcualtion covers the full 2 days of the regatta, so $100 for the first seat and $50 per seat thereafter capped at $300 for the two-day event

Do all rowers in a masters event have to be 43+ years of age?

No, as long as the rowers are all 27+, the average crew age only needs to be 43 or higher.