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Rowing Australia Training/Competition Fleet

Rowing Australia (RA) understands that there is significant interest within the rowing community in the boats within both our training/competition fleet, particularly when the time comes to sell them. The boats we sell have served us well, supporting our High Performance (HP) athletes firstly on the international stage, and then back here in Australia as part of our domestic fleet, servicing our NTC’s and the preparation of our selected crews prior to heading overseas.

To ensure these HP assets continue to support our program, RA will provide priority access to the available boats for sale to our Pathway Partners including our State Associations, NIN Partners, and HP Clubs that are part of the delivery framework for our Pathway programs. We see this as an important step to ensuring that these critical assets continue to support the development and aspirations of our athletes on the path to Olympic and Paralympic glory.

We will commence this process at the start of October 2021, and expect this will take in the order of two weeks to complete. Any of the boats not sold through our Pathway partners will then be offered to the broader rowing community through an advertisement on the ‘classifieds’ section on the RA website.