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Athlete Wellbeing and Engagement Manger Ben Carbis now a permanent fixture at Rowing Australia

Rowing Australia is pleased to announce the full-time appointment of Ben Carbis to the position of Athlete Wellbeing and Engagement (AW&E) Manager.

Carbis is no stranger to Australia’s elite and emerging rowers having worked with members of the Australian Rowing Team alongside outgoing AW&E Manager Bianca Fermi in a support role throughout 2021. Most recently, Carbis was the AW&E Manager with Australian Sailing and the New South Wales Institute of Sport.

Prior to working in high-performance sport, Carbis spent 13 years in the Australian Defence Force.

As Rowing Australia’s Athlete Wellbeing and Engagement Manager, Carbis will work with athletes to provide mental health support, professional development opportunities, career and education assistance as well as community engagement facilitation.

“My experience as a Wellbeing Manager in the lead up to Tokyo 2020 highlighted the importance of the role and the impact an athlete’s wellbeing has on their physical and mental performance,” Carbis said.

“I hope to utilise my experience in this space to holistically support athletes to achieve optimal performance in rowing and life through improved personal wellbeing and engagement in activities outside of training and competition.

“I look forward to integrating into the Sport Science Sport Medicine (SSSM) team and working together to achieve success on and off the water,” he said.

The former Australian Army Commander said building and cultivating relationships across the organisation would be crucial.

Carbis will draw on his own experience and time of transition out of the Army to support athletes as they make plans for the future.

“Athletes at all stages of the pathway need to be thinking about and planning for the day they transition out of sport.” he said.

“Education is an important piece, but it shouldn’t be the sole focus. It’s my job to help the athletes develop an education plan that is aligned to their campaign plan, so that they can study and set themselves up for the future without compromising their sporting objectives.

“I also want to provide the athletes with opportunities to get involved in their local community. I’ve seen athletes get a lot of enjoyment from engaging with their local club or a charity and this can also have its benefits. It’s important we give athletes the skills and resources to build their personal brand and leverage their status as elite athletes,” Carbis concluded.