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What events are offered?

The full list of events offered can be found here:

What is the eligibility for the Champion Club Eights

The Club Eights are non- composite events which are open to all age categories.
Coxswains must also be a member of the same club as the remainder of the crew.
Crews will be handicapped according to the Rowing Australia Handicaps (Appendix 10)

What is the schedule of racing?

An indicative race schedule is available on Rowing Manager
Please note that a preliminary schedule will be released following the close of entries and the final race schedule will be released following the close of the withdrawal without penalty period.  As always, please ensure you check online during the regatta for any changes in scheduling.

How can I enter?

Entries will be taken via Rowing Manager and can be completed by a club administrator.
For international entries, please contact Alice at Rowing Australia [email protected]

No late entries will be accepted. All athletes should CHECK THEIR ENTRIES ARE LODGED before entries close

What are the conditions of entry?
  • Competitors agree that they may be filmed and/or photographed during racing which may be published online.
  • Competitors must be able to swim 50 metres and tread water unaided for 3 minutes.
  • Competitors will be liable for any costs for ambulance transportation required as a result of sickness/injury at the event.
  • Competitors must have their emergency contact details listed in Rowing Manager, or these must be held by their team manager at the event.
  • Competitors and Team Staff must comply with COVID-19 safety regulations.
  • All competitors and team staff must complete an online induction (available 17 May)
Champion Club Point Score Details

With the objective of increasing Club participation in the event, all boats in championship finals be awarded points, and the contribution of mixed races and small boats be allocated as follows:  

  • In all men’s and women’s championship events points are awarded to all boats in each final, to a maximum of 8 crews.
  • In Mixed Events points are awarded to only the first three boats in each division (race).
  • Points awarded to boats to be apportioned equally to the clubs of crew members (excluding coxswains).

Two champion club points’ tables will be published ranked by:

  1. Total Points (as at present) – to determine the club earning the most points, and
  2. Point per Athlete – to determine the club, large or small, whose team members perform best on average.

The medal tally will still be published as per current practice.

How are medals awarded?

Medals are awarded on the following basis:

Where there are 1 or 2 entries, Gold Medals only will be awarded.
Where there are 3 entries, Gold & Silver Medals will be awarded.
Where there are 4 or more entries, Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals will be awarded.

Fastest Club Medals will be awarded to 2x, 2-, 4x, 4+/-, 8+ where a composite crew wins an event.
The Fastest Club Medal will be awarded only to crews where all crew members, including the coxswain are members and are racing for the same club.

Fastest Club Medal is not awarded to mixed events.
Fastest Club Medal is not awarded to a winner of an event if the winner is a single club crew.

What is the progression system that will be used?

The following progression system will be used for the 2022 Australian Masters Rowing Championships

  • The Technical Delegate, in consultation with the Organising Committee, Fairness Committee and President of the Jury will determine the progression system to apply to each event/category.
What are the age categories and how are they determined?

A rower may compete in Masters rowing events from the beginning of the year during which they attain the age of 27.  The age of a Masters rower shall be that which they attain during the current calendar year.

Masters events shall be held in the following crew age categories:

  • A Minimum age: 27 years
  • B Average age: 36 years or more
  • C Average age: 43 years or more
  • D Average age: 50 years or more
  • E Average age: 55 years or more
  • F Average age: 60 years or more
  • G Average age: 65 years or more
  • H Average age: 70 years or more
  • I Average age: 75 years or more
  • J Average age: 80 years or more
  • K Average age: 83 years or more.
  • L Average age: 86 years or more
  • M Average age: 89 years or more

The average age of a crew (excluding the coxswain) will be calculated by dividing the total number of years of age of the crew by the number of members of the crew rounded down to the nearest whole number.

What are the entry fees and how are they paid?

The seat fee is $45 per seat, including GST (excluding coxswains)
Entry fees are due by Monday 16 May 2022.
Details for payment and club invoices can be found on Rowing Manager.
Entry fee payments can be paid via Rowing Manager or Direct Deposit to Rowing Victoria.
Entry fees for composite crews must be paid by the club that entered the crew.
Entry fees are payable for all crews entered at the close of the withdrawal without penalty period regardless of whether the crew is subsequently excluded from the draw due to non-payment of fees.

What are the requirements for lightweight events?

Lightweight events are conducted as per the RA Rules of Racing (RA Rules of Racing (Rule 31, p 21))

Lightweight single scull events were added to the program in 2021 to encourage greater participation in the single scull events following a survey of the master’s community.

Rowers entered in Lightweight 1x events will be required to provide a medical certificate from their regular doctor or a Sports Physician confirming that they are naturally and healthily at or below the weight required, and that they will not need to take any measures on a normal day to weigh in at the appropriate weight. This certificate can be sent to [email protected] who will provide confirmation of receipt of the certificate.

Lightweight rowers will be required to weigh in under the conditions and at the weight as per the RA Rules of Racing (Rule 31, p 21). In addition to this weigh in, lightweight rowers will be required to do a preliminary weigh in on the day before their scheduled lightweight event to confirm their suitability for entry in the event. The regatta medical team may reject an entry in the lightweight event if, in their sole opinion, an athlete will be unable to make the requirement maximum weight without measures that may put their health at risk.

Rowers are advised that they will not be able to compete in the lightweight and open single scull event as they will be conducted consecutively.  Notwithstanding, lightweight scullers who will be near the weight limit are encouraged to enter both the standard and the lightweight single scull in the same age category (but will only be charged for one). Where an entry in both the lightweight and the standard single scull (in the same age category) is made one entry will be removed, without penalty, upon confirmation of weight on the day prior to the scheduled race. If an athlete is unable to present for the preliminary weigh-in on the day before their scheduled race they should contact Alice Evans ([email protected] who will provide specific instructions depending on the circumstances.