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Rowing Australia – Adoption of the National Integrity Framework effective 30 June 2022

Rowing Australia is committed to ensuring a level playing field for all those who participate in our sport. There are inherent integrity risks at all levels of rowing, and in recent months we have worked to identify those risks and to step up our focus on safeguarding the future of our sport.

Sport Integrity Australia (SIA) is a new Federal Government organisation that is the cornerstone of the Government’s comprehensive sport integrity strategy. As part of SIA’s work, the National Integrity Framework was launched in March 2021 and National Sport Organisations including Rowing Australia have been asked to adopt the Framework by June 2022.

Rowing Australia commenced work to adopt the Framework of policies provided by Sport Integrity Australia in May 2021 and have moved forward to formally adopt the policies effective 30 June 2022.

The policies within the Framework include:

  • National Integrity Framework – the overarching Framework that provides for requirements or processes that are common to all policies
  • Member Protection Policy – this primarily plays the same role as the current policy, excepting removal of child safeguarding and the complaints handling processes to new documents
  • Child Safeguarding Policy and the South Australia Addendum – this is the new policy that used to be part of the Member Protection Policy
  • Complaints, Disputes and Discipline Policy – this is the new common complaints handling process
  • Improper Use of Drugs & Medicine Policy – similar to the current anti-doping policies
  • Competition Manipulation and Sports Wagering Policy – similar to the existing anti-wagering policies

One of the key objectives of the National Integrity Framework is to have a single framework for all levels of rowing as a sport. Adoption will mean that the Policies apply to all sports organisations and people involved in our sport. While this is the intent and how existing integrity policies are currently used, adopting the National Integrity Framework will streamline the approach.

By Rowing Australia adopting the National Integrity Framework, Sports Integrity Australia will manage the independent assessment and referral of complaints. This will reduce the burden on administrators and volunteers and provide athletes and participants with a consistent, fair, and independent dispute resolution process.

If you are interested in learning more about the Framework, there is an online induction that explains the policies and how they work together.

For your reference, the policies can be found here.

For further information, please feel free to contact Dhuse Manogram at [email protected]