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55 Athletes Represent the Green and Gold at the World Rowing Championships

On the 60th anniversary of the World Rowing Championships, Racice, the town an hour from Prague, will host the 2022 World Rowing Championships (WRC 2022).

From 18 to 25 September, 900 of the world’s best rowers will compete for their countries with 65 nations being represented.

The Australian Rowing Team (ART) finished second at the rescheduled Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and fourth at the Paralympic Games and is keen to build on last year’s success.  The 2022 team performed well at the final two World Cup regattas held in June and July this year, collecting 15 medals – six at Lucerne and nine in Poland.  All 19 Australian crews arrived in Prague on Tuesday this week, 13 September 2022, after a two-week training camp at the AIS European Training Centre, Varese, Italy.

Performance Director Paul Thompson MBE shared and said, “It has been a very positive year and after the World Cup series, the crews returned to Australia for some hard training and selection for this year’s World Championships team.”

Thompson also added, “After our two-week training camp in Italy, the crews are well prepared to build on their medal performances from World Cup II and III.  It’s an exciting time and let’s not forget that the Paris 2024 Olympics is less than two-years away.”

The ART 2022 team comprises of three boat groups – Para, Sweep and Sculling.  Below is a preview of each group.


The two single scull representatives are Kathryn Ross (PR2 Women’s Single Scull) and Erik Horrie OAM (PR1 Men’s Single Scull).  Kathryn is four-time World Champion and Paralympic Silver Medalist, and Erik is three-time Paralympic Silver Medalist and five-time World Champion.  Both said athletes won their respective events at the Gavirate International Para Regatta in May 2022 and will be aiming for a strong podium finish.

The PR3 Mixed Coxed Four of Jessica Gallagher, Alexandra Viney, Thomas Birtwhistle, James Talbot and Teesaan Koo (Cox) are also a medal prospect after finishing second at the Gavirate regatta.  Talbot will also team up with Nicholas Neales in the PR3 Men’s Coxless Pair, while Viney will “double-up” with Alex Vuillermin in the PR3 Women’s Coxless Pair.

Viney commented and said, “This time together has been vital for the Para squads to train together and consolidate upon the hard work that we have completed individually in our home environments in the lead up to the 2022 World Championships.”

Gallagher also shared, “The whole team has worked so hard to get here.  We are all excited to be in the Czech Republic to row for Australia.  The PR3Mix4+ has not been on the World Championship podium, since it has been part of the Paralympic program in 2008. We want to change that.”


Since 1986, the Australian sweep squad have won 18 World Championship (WC) Gold Medals.  The biggest contributors to the winners’ list are the Men’s Coxless Pair and Coxless Four.  Our current Men’s Four, include reigning Olympic Champions Jack Hargreaves OAM, Spencer Turrin OAM, and Alex Purnell OAM, as well as Olympic Finalist from the Men’s Eight, Jack O’Brien.  The crew’s original stroke from the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Alex Hill OAM, was initially selected as the Men’s Single Scull representative for the 2022 World Cup regattas, but due to some injury challenges encountered before the international season, Hill has teamed up with former cyclist and rowing returnee – Harley Moore – in the Men’s Coxless Pair.

Men’s Head Coach, Rhett Ayliffe said, “There is a lot of history in the Men’s Four, not just for our boys, but for the whole of Australia.  Our current Four are very proud to be in this boat class and are really looking forward to the challenge posed by the rest of the world.”

In the Women’s Four, Tokyo Olympic Champions Lucy Stephan OAM and Annabelle McIntyre OAM will combine with 2017 and 2019 Women’s Coxless Four World Champion – Katrina Werry, and 2019 ART Women’s Eight Silver Medalist, Bronnie Cox.  This 2022 quartet won Gold at World Cup II in June and will be keen not to relinquish their status as the world’s best Four.

Women’s Head Coach John Keogh said, “The crew have been training incredibly hard and with a real intent to get better each day.  We look forward to racing in Racice where we get to test ourselves against the best in the world.”

The Men’s Eight of Nicholas Lavery, Rohan Lavery, Henry Youl, Benjamin Canham, Angus Widdicombe, Sam Hardy, William O’ Shannessy, Jackson Kench, and Kendall Brodie (Cox) were Silver Medalists at the 2022 World Cup II and III regattas and are confident that they can match it with the best at WRC 2022.  Three-seat Henry Youl said, “We made huge improvements this year but every competitor in this boat class is of a very high quality.  We are confident we can do well, but more importantly we want to execute our best races.”

Our Women’s Eight crew – Eleanor Price, Jean Mitchell, Paige Barr, Jacqueline Swick, Ella Bramwell, Giorgia Patten, Georgina Rowe, Emma Fessey, and Talia-Barnett-Hepples (Cox) will be feeling confident after their World Cup III victory this year.  The crew has two Under 23 athletes and will be looking to build some momentum and confidence towards Paris 2024.  Seven-seat Georgie Rowe commented, “The Women’s Eight has had a strong lead up to WRC 2022, on and off the water.  We are looking forward to building on our previous performances and are in good hands with our Coach, Tom Westgarth.  With some fine tuning and freshening up, we are confident we can execute our best race next Sunday (25 September 2022).

Initial respective ART sweep and sculling reserves Eliza Gaffney and Georgie Gleeson have been selected as the Women’s Coxless Pair.  Gaffney was part of the Under 23 Women’s Coxless Four that won a Bronze Medal in the 2022 World Under 23 Championships.


One of the most talked about rowers in 2022 is our Women’s Single Scull representative, Tara Rigney.  The Tokyo 2020 Olympian is in good form after winning a Bronze and Silver Medal at World Cup II and III respectively.  Her coach, Ellen Randell, is confident that Rigney can withstand any pressure to race well.   Randell said, “The Women’s Single Scull has always been a hot event.  There are at least 24 to 25 competitors in this boat class, so we take it one race a time.”

Randell is also the coach of the Women’s Lightweight Double Sculls – Anneka Reardon and Lucy Coleman, and Women’s Lightweight Single Scull representative – Georgia Nesbitt. Reardon said, “Since the World Cup regattas, we have stepped up the intensity of our training.  We have also set ourselves high goals and standards and our main objective is to race well at the World Championships.”

The Women’s Quadruple Scull crew of Amanda Bateman, Kate Rowan and Tokyo 2020 Bronze Medalists Rowena Meredith and Harriet Hudson had to overcome some injury challenges during the third World Cup regatta.  At Lucerne, Rowan and Meredith raced in the Women’s Double Sculls.  Rowan said, “Our quad will be a slightly changed combination from the previous tour.  As a crew, we are excited to see what we can do, and we can’t wait for the World Championships to get started.”

The Men’s Double Sculls duo of David Bartholot and Tokyo 2020 Olympic Bronze Medalist Caleb Antill raced this event at the 2019 World Championships.  Their goal is to improve on their World Cup III performance where they finished second.  Tokyo 2020 Olympic Bronze Medalist Jack Cleary will race in the Men’s Single Scull.   Coach Lyall McCarthy OAM commented and said, “This is the World Championships.  We are in pretty good shape and our race mentality – be it the heats, semis or final – is not to finish second.”

Our Lightweight Scullers – Redmond Matthews and Oscar McGuinness (Men’s Lightweight Double Sculls) and Hamish Harding (Men’s Lightweight Single Scull) are confident of a positive outcome at WRC 2022.  Their coach, David Fraumano, said, “Our lightweight boys are moving well, and they have managed their weight and bodies with the highest degree of professionalism.  We can’t wait to see them test themselves against the best in the world.  These two events have some of the best oarsmen I have ever seen.”

The ART reserves are Laura Gourley (Sculling), Patrick Holt and Simon Keenan (Sweep).

Racing commences on Sunday 18 September at 9.30am GMT+2/5.30pm AEST with the Heats of the Men’s Single Scull, followed by the Women’s Single Scull, the Lightweight Men’s and Women’s Single Sculls, the Men’s and Women’s Lightweight Double Sculls, the Men’s Coxless Pair, and the Men’s Double Sculls.

The racing schedule and up-to-date information regarding the regatta can be found below on the World Rowing website. Live racing updates and commentary can be viewed through the World Rowing website, or seen on Foxtel Channel 577 or Kayo all week.

World Championships Crew List


Women’s Single Scull (W1X) 

Tara Rigney

Coach: Ellen Randell

Women’s Quad Sculls (W4X) 

Amanda Bateman  

Kate Rowan  

Rowena Meredith  

Harriet Hudson  

Coach: John Keogh

Women’s Coxless Four (W4-) 

Annabelle McIntyre OAM 

Lucy Stephan OAM 

Katrina Werry

Bronwyn Cox  

Coach: John Keogh

Women’s Eight (W8+) 

Paige Barr  

Jacqueline Swick

Georgina Rowe 

Emma Fessey 

Ella Bramwell 

Eleanor Price  

Jean Mitchell 

Giorgia Patten 

Cox: Talia Barnett-Hepples

Coach: Tom Westgarth

Women’s Coxless Pair (W2-) 

Eliza Gaffney  

Georgie Gleeson  

Coach: Tom Westgarth

Women’s Lightweight Double Sculls (WLW2X) 

Anneka Reardon 

Lucy Coleman

Coach: Ellen Randell

Women’s Lightweight Single Scull (WLW1X) 

Georgia Nesbitt  

Coach: Ellen Randell

Women’s Reserve:

Laura Gourley


PR2 Women’s Single Scull (PR2 W1X)

Kathryn Ross  

Coach: Renae Domaschenz

PR1 Men’s Single Sculls (PR1 M1X)

Erik Horrie OAM 

Coach: Jason Baker OAM

PR3 Mixed Coxed Four (PR3 Mix4+)

Alexandra Viney 

Thomas Birtwhistle

Jessica Gallagher

James Talbot  

Cox: Teesaan Koo

Coach: Gordon Marcks

PR3 Women’s Coxless Pair (PR3 W2-)

Alex Vuillermin 

Alexandra Viney

Coach: Gordon Marcks

PR3 Men’s Coxless Pair (PR3 M2-)

James Talbot  

Nicholas Neales

Coach: Gordon Marcks


Men’s Coxless Pair (M2-) 

Alex Hill OAM

Harley Moore

Coach: Lyall McCarthy OAM

Men’s Coxless Four (M4-) 

Joseph O’Brien  

Jack Hargreaves OAM 

Alex Purnell OAM

Spencer Turrin OAM

Coach: Rhett Ayliffe

Men’s Eight (M8+) 

Rohan Lavery

Nicholas Lavery

Henry Youl 

Benjamin Canham

Angus Widdicombe 

Sam Hardy

William O’Shannessy 

Jackson Kench

Cox: Kendall Brodie

Coach: Mark Prater

Men’s Double Sculls (M2X) 

Caleb Antill  

David Bartholot

Coach: Lyall McCarthy OAM

Men’s Single Scull (M1X) 

Jack Cleary

Coach: Lyall McCarthy OAM

Men’s Lightweight Double Sculls (MLW2X) 

Oscar McGuinness 

Redmond Matthews

Coach: David Fraumano

Men’s Lightweight Single Scull (MLW1X) 

Hamish Harding 

Coach: David Fraumano

 Men’s Reserves:

Patrick Holt 

Simon Keenan