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Australian Indoor Rowing Championships – Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to qualify to enter?
No, you do not need to qualify – everyone is welcome!
Do I need to be a member of a club or gym to compete?
There is no need to be a part of a club or gym to compete.
I am a coach and want to enter a group from my school. Can I do a bulk entry?
Yes.  You will need to complete this template and return it to us.  We will invoice your school.
Where can I compete?

You can compete virtually.

How do I compete virtually?

You will find all your answers about competing virtually here.

What is the format for the relays?

This year, we will be returning to our old format of having all four competitors swap on/off the one machine, rather than competing on separate machines.

I live overseas. Can I enter?
Definitely! You can enter as a virtual competitor. Please note that you will need to pay extra for postage of any medals.
What sort of indoor rowing machines are used?
Competition is conducted on Concept2 Static Rowers.
I don't have a Concept2 machine, but I have another sort of rower at home. Can I use this?

No, you will need to compete on a Concept2 with a PM3, PM4 or PM5 monitor.

What damper setting/drag factor can I use?
You set your own damper/drag factor, but you cannot change this once your race has started.  You can read about finding your optimal drag factor here.
Will I receive a T-shirt?
The first 500 domestic entrants will receive a free T-shirt with their entry.  These will be sent to event centres.  Virtual entrants within Australia will need to pay $10 postage at the time of entering.  T-shirts are not available to overseas entrants.
When do entries close?
Entries will close at 11:59pm on Sunday 24 October.
When will the draw/schedule be released?
Race times will be released by Monday 25 October.
If I live overseas, do I need to race at the same time as Australian competitors?
Yes, you will need to do this.  Australian race times will be set as GMT+11.
When will the results be released?
We aim to have preliminary results published within 24 hours of the completion of competition.
Who receives medals?
Medals will be awarded to the first three place-getters in every category, regardless of the number of entrants.
How do I receive my medal?

Virtual competitors within Australia will receive their medal via post after results have been finalised.  Virtual competitors competing from overseas will be contacted separately and will need to pay postage.

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