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  • Boat handlers may not board the boat at any time but may assist the crew in any other way, including rudder fixing, etc. When the boat returns to the beach the boat handlers may “catch” the boat to slow its progress when it reaches the beach and a crew member disembarks to run to the finish line.
  • The boat handlers shall at all times remain in shallow water not above their shoulder height. The boat handlers shall comply with any instructions of the race officials and shall at all times be subject to the rules of racing.
  • The boats should be held reasonably in line and shall be positioned so that the centres of boats are in a line with the buoys in their lane. All rowers (except the runner of each crew) must be standing in the water next to their boat and shall not start boarding their boat until the start signal is given.
  • The boat handlers will support the crews in holding the best pointing for the boat for the crew members to board and depart.
  • The boat handlers must not board the boat or move in to any position where the typical water surface is above their shoulders when standing on the sea bed.

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