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#AIRC20 – How will the relay work whilst remaining COVID-safe?

The 2020 Australian Indoor Rowing Championships (#AIRC20) are committed to ensuring that each event centre is being COVID-safe, to make sure each and every competitor has a safe and fun day!

The team relay is always one of the most popular events in the #AIRC20,  with noise levels, team tactics and changeovers going through the roof.

We are committed to maintaining the relay and ensure it is an equal event for all, no matter where you are competing from.

To ensure that we can do this, whilst remaining a COVID-safe event, there has had to be some changes to how the relay will run.

The following conditions have been put in place to account for this:


  • Four competitors on the same team will race 500 metres on four separate machines that are connected, displaying their team name on the ‘okay to warm up’ screen as normal with the relay event.
  • All four competitors will start at the same time (as if they are in the same crew/ boat) and race 500 metres.
  • The software calculates the accumulated total of all four machines for the team so some crew mates may ultimately row a little more than 500 metres and some a little less.
  • The spectator screen will show the averages for all crew members during the race as one boat.


If you have any questions about this year’s even please contact us via [email protected]