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2014 Australian Under 23 Team

The 2015 Under 23 Australian Rowing Team will be announced on Friday 24th April following the National Selection Trials.

The Australian Rowing Team that competed at the 2014 Under 23 World Rowing Championships is listed below

Men’s Sweep

U23 Men’s Lightweight Coxless Pair
Jack Armitage (QLD)
Hamish Parry (QLD)
Coach – Keiran Dwyer (QLD)

U23 Men’s Coxless Pair
Jack Hargreaves (NSW)
Nick Wheatley (NSW)
Coach – Mark Prater (NSW)

U23 Men’s Coxed Eight
Tim Masters (VIC)
Louis Snelson ( NSW)
Aaron Wright (NSW)
Henry Meek (VIC)
Charlie Risbey (VIC)
Ben Coombs (VIC)
Simon Keenan (VIC)
James Medway (NSW)
Stuart Sim – Coxswain (VIC)

Men’s Scull

U23 Men’s Single Scull
Luke Letcher (ACT)
Coach – Lyall McCarthy (NTC-Canberra)

U23 Men’s Double Scull
David Watts (WA)
Max McQueeney (TAS)
Coach – Rhett Ayliffe (NTC-Canberra)

Women’s Sweep

U23 Women’s Coxless Pair
Jessie Allen (NSW)
Genevieve Horton (NSW)
Coach – Alfie Young (NSW)

U23 Women’s Coxless Four
Katrina Werry (VIC)
Addy Dunkley-Smith (VIC)
Eleanor Wilson (QLD)
Georgina Gotch (NSW)
Coach – David McGrath (VIC)

U23 Women’s Coxed Eight
Georgina Gotch (NSW)
Eleanor Wilson (QLD)
Addy Dunkley-Smith (VIC)
Katrina Weery (VIC)
Jacinta Edmunds (QLD)
Lilly Tinapple (WA)
Georgina Howe (VIC)
Emily Carey (QLD)
Sarah Banting – Coxswain (VIC)

Women’s Scull

U23 Women’s Lightweight Double Scull
Georgia Miansarow (NSW)
Georgia Nesbitt (TAS)
Coach – Paul Newbon (TAS)

U23 Women’s Quadruple Scull
Rosalind Cartmill (QLD)
Tessa Carty (QLD)
Narelle Badenoch (SA)
Leah Saunders (NSW)
Coach – Adam Vine-Hall (SA-SASI)