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Australia’s rowers to sleep easy with a new partnership with TEMPUR Australia

Rowing Australia and the Australian Rowing Team today announced a new partnership with TEMPUR ® Australia.

The new partnership, which builds and formalises on support provided since 2011, will the Australian Rowing Team receive a range of TEMPUR products as well as TEMPUR become the official sleep and travel partner of the Australian Rowing Team and official sponsor of Rowing Australia.

Jason Nicholas, Managing Director, TEMPUR Australia and New Zealand said “TEMPUR is very excited and proud to have the opportunity to partner with Rowing Australia as we head into an important year of competition.”

“TEMPUR  is the global market leader in sleep and travel accessory products, with the origins of our product range beginning at NASA, where specific material was developed as a pressure absorbing material to cushion and support astronauts during the strain of lift-off.”

“This unique material later became TEMPUR, which through further research and development has now been perfected and extended to create a collection of mattresses and pillows. TEMPUR is the only mattress and pillow recognized by NASA and certified by the Space Foundation.”

Katherine Ginbey, Chief Commercial Officer said that in their quest to be the number one rowing nation in the world, Rowing Australia was thrilled to be partnering with TEMPUR who are the leading brand for sleep products globally.

“We a strong brand alignment between TEMPUR and the sport of rowing given we are both committed to absolute precision in execution to ensure the best performance. A good night’s sleep is important for any athlete, whether they are at an elite, master or a junior level. Together with TEMPUR we look forward to collaborating on this connection and providing more opportunities for rowers to access TEMPUR products.”

TEMPUR Australia already have a long-standing relationship with two-time World Champion Kim Brennan.

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