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Movement Science

Adam Hunter (PhD) is the Rowing Australia and Australian Rowing Team lead biomechanist. Adam’s role sees him work both with the Australian Institute of Sport, RA and a number of the SIS/SAS to provide support to rowing coaches and athletes around the country. In collaboration with the sports scientists from SIS/SAS Adam is developing new analysis methods to provide a greater understanding of rowing performance.

Adam can be contacted on: [email protected]


Performance Analysis

Performance analysis focuses on providing information about the strategies rowers use during a race which can aid in developing an optimal race plan. Typically analysis will include collection of stroke rate and velocity at set increments over the length of the race. These provide valuable insight into how an athlete achieved their race time.



Biomechanics is the study of forces and the effects of those forces on and within the human body. Biomechanists are involved in the observation, measurement and analysis of training and competition performance and use their expertise to support athlete development.