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Brisbane announced as site to host the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic games

Wednesday 21 July 2021




The Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) has thanked the Members of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for their decision to award Brisbane, Queensland the right to host the Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2032.


Today’s vote at the IOC Session in Tokyo ensures Australia will host its third Olympic Games, eleven years from now, following on from the proud record of Sydney 2000 and Melbourne 1956.


AOC President John Coates says Brisbane, Queensland and all Australians stand ready to deliver an Olympic and Paralympic Games that will repay the trust shown by Members that Australia can deliver the world’s greatest sporting event to the very highest standard.


“This is a very proud day for Australia, make no mistake. I thank the IOC Members for their confidence. Brisbane 2032 is genuinely committed to serving the ideals of the Olympic movement.


“The Olympic Games in Brisbane will be in the most diligent, grateful and enthusiastic hands. And I make this commitment to the athletes of the world – we will provide you with an unforgettable experience.


“Of course, many of these athletes are the children of the world right now. Young people who will be glued to their television sets over the next two weeks as the great champions of the world compete here in Tokyo. Many Olympic dreams will be created here in Tokyo, thanks to the generosity of the people of Japan and the commitment of today’s Olympians.


“Australia will welcome the world in 2032. South-East Queensland is Australia’s fasting growing region, offering a friendly and culturally diverse people with a passion for sport, first class sporting facilities, excellent transport and a commitment to put the world’s athletes at the centre of everything we do.


“Queensland’s climate, iconic beaches and environmental attractions makes our offering irresistible for athletes, families, friends and sports lovers.”


Prime Minister Scott Morrison says the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Queensland will forge an enduring legacy for our entire nation.


“They will support economic growth and investment, deliver lasting community benefits and inspire the next generation of Australian athletes.


“I am proud of Australia, proud of Queensland and proud of our team that secured this win for our country.


“The Commonwealth Government has supported Brisbane’s candidacy for the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games right from the very start. We believe in this bid.

“We know it’s a huge opportunity for our nation, just like the Melbourne Games in 1956 and the Sydney Olympics in 2000,” Mr Morrison concluded.


Mr Coates says what really excites him is the great opportunity for Australian children, for Olympic sports and the capacity of sport to meet the great challenges facing all communities.


“We can supercharge Australian sport to produce a new generation of Cathy Freemans and Kieren Perkins across the sporting landscape. A new generation of heroes to inspire young people. To promote healthy lifestyles and wellbeing. To meet the inter-generational challenges we face.


“A record number of proud Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander athletes, our First Nations people are representing their country in Tokyo this month. Imagine the possibilities for our Indigenous kids leading into 2032 and the positive impact of empowering young people now and for the period beyond the Brisbane Games.

The opportunity is there for governments to invest in sport and realise the benefits.


Mr Coates thanked governments in Australia at all levels for the unprecedented cooperation which brought the Queensland ambition to life.


“Differences have been put aside to make this happen. To our Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Queensland Premier Anastacia Palaszczuk, Brisbane Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner and the Council of Mayors South-East Queensland (COMSEQ), your unwavering support has seized this moment.


“Australians like to have a go. Six years ago, the Mayors of South-East Queensland did just that when they undertook a feasibility study into what the Games could mean for their region. With the support of the Queensland and Federal Governments that “have a go” moment has become an ambition realised.


“Of course, the starter’s gun has only just been fired and the real work now begins.


“In terms of the operational costs of running the Games themselves, the $4.941 billion it will cost to put this event on will be offset by a contribution from the IOC plus sponsorship and ticket sales. The Games will be cost neutral from an operational perspective.


“We know from the independent financial analyses that a benefit of $8.1 billion for Queensland and $17.61 billion for Australia is projected. We have talked about the Games becoming a catalyst for much needed infrastructure and the jobs and tourism that will flow to all of Queensland and beyond.


Mr Coates indicated the key to Brisbane’s ambition was ensuring the Games held in Queensland would deliver on the IOC’s Agenda 2020 + 5 approach. The Queensland proposition was framed in that context.


  • Athletes at the centre of the Games
  • A lasting legacy for sport and community
  • A sustainable Games, a climate positive Games
  • A commitment to diversity and inclusiveness
  • Partnerships and good governance
  • Opportunities for First Nations’ Australians
  • Opportunities for our Oceania neighbours


“We have always said we are a very safe pair of hands, but I promise that we will be much more than that. The Brisbane 2032 team has worked hard to understand what each sport values and prioritises. Their knowledge and input have been pivotal in creating the offering we put before the Future Host Commission, the Executive Board and ultimately, the Members of the IOC.


“To ensure transparency and proper process, I have always recused myself from those discussions and decision-making processes.”


“Australia has a green and gold runway of major international events coming to our shores – the FIBA Women’s World Cup and UCI World Road Championship in 2022, the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2023 – and we are hoping to secure the Rugby World Cup in 2027. Of course, you will see us in Paris 2024 and Los Angeles 2028 – maintaining our proud record as one of only two countries whose athletes have participated in every modern Olympic Games.


“Nine million Australians participate in Olympic sports. That number will keep growing. Brisbane 2032 is the beacon on the hill that will welcome the world in eleven years from now,” Mr Coates concluded.