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Celebrate Tokyo The Team Behind the Team

It’s those coaches throughout the years who imparted their wisdom on how to make the boat go faster and helped them understand the beauty and brutality of our sport. Who helped them find the limits that they didn’t know existed. Who believed in them and lived through the anxiety of helplessly watching them race.  

Thank you for your patience. 

It’s their fellow rowers throughout the journey who have taught them about themselves, learning about the tricks of the trade. Who provided that comradery to get them through the hardest of training sessions, whether it was a “push now” from the seat behind or sat beside them on the rowing machine with a fellow knowing grunt. 

Thank you for your mateship. 

It’s the staff that wrap around the team. From the physio that keeps their bodies performing day in and day out, the sports scientists that inform the training schedules, the nutritionists that fuel the quantity and quality of the training sessions completed. The psychologists who help them ride out the rough times and perform to their peak when it matters. It is the whole infrastructure behind the hands on that help make it all happen, whatever the circumstances. Thank you for your dedication. 

Then it is all of the funding that underpins this, the support of the partners that not only provide the dollars to make getting on the water possible, but their belief in who we are, what we stand for and what we do.  

Thank you for your commitment. 

When athletes reach that ultimate goal of performing at the Games they in turn profoundly influence the lives of those who have helped them and those that watch from afar – making the Games the celebration not of an elite few, but of a pyramid of support.

Thank you to each of you that in some way, however big or small, has made the boat go faster, because a tenth of a second is the difference. 

Thank you.