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Child Safety

Rowing Australia is strongly committed to Australian sport environments that are safe, supportive and friendly for children and young people, and particularly rowing environments.

We are working with all involved in rowing so that children and young people can enjoy sport and feel safe, valued and encouraged to reach their full potential.

Child safety must be embedded in every Australian sporting organisation’s culture, reflected in their policies and procedures, and understood and practised at all levels of the sport.  This includes within our own organisation and facilities where children and young people come to practice, play, learn and excel.

Useful Links

Play by the Rules
Play by the Rules is a unique collaboration between Sport Australia, Australian Human Rights Commission, all state and territory departments of sport and recreation, all state and territory anti-discrimination and human rights agencies, the Office of the Children’s Guardian (NSW) and the Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW. These partners promote Play by the Rules through their networks, along with their own child safety, anti-discrimination and inclusion programs.

Play by the Rules provides information, resources, tools and free online training to increase the capacity and capability of administrators, coaches, officials, players, parents and spectators to assist them in preventing and dealing with discrimination, harassment, child safety, inclusion and integrity issues in sport.You can access their resources here:

Sport Australia
Sport Australia’s Child Safe Sport information page provides a large amount of information and good resources to help organisations with their Child Safety plans and frameworks.

The Toolkit includes seven different components and provides a suite of policy documents and guidance to protect children and young people in sport and at the very minimum needs to include the following elements:

    •  A code of conduct which guides the expected behaviours of everyone in your sport towards children and young people;
    •  A recruitment policy to ensure everyone (staff or volunteers) involved in your sport are safe to children and young people;
    •  An induction and training policy that ensures staff and volunteers continuously apply child safe best practice in your sport;
    •  A reporting policy and incident report forms to ensure staff and volunteers are confident in knowing what to report and who to report it to. For the senior management and board the responsibility is to apply a risk management approach to ensure the appropriate risk controls are in place;
    •  A series of posters, website or social media references, brochures, or other advertising materials to communicate with everyone in the sport the suite of child safe policies; and
    •  A procedure for regular review and improvement of your suite of child safe policies to ensure that everyone in the can provide feedback and improve the sport’s child safe policies and procedures;

The Toolkit combined with the Process allows for the development of a Child Safe Sport Framework and can be found by clicking here.

RA Templates

For assistance with queries around templates and Child Safe Framework, please contact Dhuse Manogram on [email protected]

State/Territory links to help with Child Safe Training and also information on how to access an Ombudsman