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Colgan Cup awarded to New Zealand as 2021 Anzac Day Indoor Rowing Challenge concludes

New Zealand was awarded the Colgan Cup at the conclusion of the 2021 Anzac Day Indoor Rowing Challenge. Congratulations to all those who participated to honour our Anzac brothers and sisters – past and present.

2021 was the second year the challenge was hosted, taking place from dawn to dusk on Sunday 25 April and seeing New Zealanders and Australians unite to record 2504 metres, as many times as possible, at home, on their indoor rowing machines.

The number, 2504, signifies the date of Anzac Day, 25.04.2021, with participants encouraged to log their metres online and donate to either Royal New Zealand Returned and Services Association or the RSL Australia’s ANZAC Appeal.

Proud supporters of the development of rowing in both nations, the Colgan Foundation once again supported this year’s event. The Colgan Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation founded by Sean P. Colgan to benefit athletic, scientific, environmental, and education communities. The recently debuted Colgan Cup – introduced to celebrate friendly Trans-Tasman rivalry – was also awarded to New Zealand once again as the winning nation.

The total distance recorded by Australian participants was 1,113, 092 metres, with New Zealand participants recording 939,282 metres. The biggest individual entry was for 50,080 metres, made by multiple participants in both New Zealand and Australia. Meanwhile, the largest  group entry was made by a team competing out of the Alexander McConachie Centre in Australia, who recorded a total of 70,112 metres as part of their wider education programme run on indoor rowing machines.

We thank all those that made donations towards the RSL Australia ANZAC Appeal or the Royal New Zealand Returned and Services Association. Rowing NZ and Rowing Australia would like to thank the Colgan Foundation for their generous donation of $3,000 NZD to the Royal New Zealand Returned and Services Association (RSA) and $2,000 AUD to the RSL Australia ANZAC Appeal.