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Community Rowing – Nutrition

Rowing Australia’s lead nutritionist, Bronwen Lundy, shares some useful information for non-elite rowers or age-specific rowers with regards to nutrition.

Nutrition for club, school and masters rowers starts with normal healthy eating principles but with a few differences. The more training you do the more important getting the right answers to the following questions becomes what you need to consider:

  • What can I eat before morning training? How do I plan the rest of my day when I’m at training or school/work from dawn til dusk?
  • How can I manage my diet on a regatta day where I’m racing multiple times?
  • Does it matter where I get my energy from? Should I be eating more protein, more fat or more carbohydrate?
  • Are the nutrition requirements of growing athletes different from mature athletes?
  • I am a female athlete, is there anything specific I need to consider to stay healthy?
  • As a lightweight can I manage my weight better to go faster and stay healthy?
  • Do I need supplements? What are the risks? What are the alternatives?

Rowing Australia has a list of preferred nutrition providers who are experienced in working with rowing and can help you with some of these questions, please click here to view this document. For more providers near you, you can also take a look at Sports Dietitians Australia – Find an Accredited Sports Dietitian page here.

For Elite rowers take a look at our elite rowing pages for nutrition information that better suits you, click here for that information.

More Information

Sports Dietitians Australia –factsheets
RA Supplement Policy The Rowing Australia Sport Supplement Policy and factsheets can help you to understand if and how alternatives might fit in your plan.
AIS Supplement Policy
Dietitians Association of Australia  (includes good information for nutrition needs for health related conditions)
Australian Healthy Food Guide has recipes and articles targeting health based nutrition and includes many topics which cross over into sport such as ways to boost iron intake which may be relevant to female athletes or quick meal ideas which are relevant to athletes of all types