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Adopt a School

The Adopt a School pilot participation program (ASP) was funded by the Australian Sports Commission. The pilot participation ran for four years concluding on the 30th June 2015. Thank you to all the clubs and coaches involved in giving opportunities to youngsters from non-rowing schools to try rowing.

The initial aims of the pilot program, along with the results achieved across the first three years are detailed below:

 To develop sustainable partnerships between rowing clubs and schools.
  • Over 30 non-rowing schools and colleges have been involved in the program through partnerships with 16 rowing clubs.
  • These partnerships have resulted in strong relationships and sustainable programs.
  • Nineteen of the schools have developed a sustainable rowing program through the ASP partnerships and have undertaken to offer a rowing program on an ongoing basis – each of these programs will continue to introduce rowers to the sport annually.

To introduce rowing to non-rowing schools.

    • The ASP has introduced rowing to 18 schools where no rowing program had previously been available.


  • Sustainable programs will be delivered annually in 17 of these schools.



  • In addition, the program has resulted in the creation of 2 new rowing clubs



  • The majority of these programs have been developed in regional and non-metropolitan areas



To introduce participants into a safe, inclusive sport for life

  • Over the first three years of the program 1499 individuals have been introduced to rowing in a meaningful way, completing introductory learn to row programs.
  • Of these individuals, 579 have taken out memberships with rowing clubs and 460 have raced in a regatta

The ASP delivered in 2015, where 18 clubs were funded, with three clubs are involved for the first time: Ipswich Youth RC, Shoalhaven RC and Tweed Heads & Coolangatta RC.