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Indoor Rowing


Indoor rowing in its simplest form is rowing on a rowing machine. Recognised for its efficient, full body, physical and mental benefits, indoor rowing is not limited by size, shape, ability or skill level, which informs our tag line for indoor rowing: ‘anyone, anywhere, anytime’.

Just like on-water rowing, the benchmark for time on the ergometer (indoor rowing machine) is 2000m.  Competitions include race formats of races for time, for distance, for maximum wattage, relay and team competition, blind races and elimination races. Indoor rowing is also found in other sports and competitions such as CrossFit. You don’t need to leave your home to be involved in rowing or racing with indoor rowing naturally suited to virtual training and competition. Augmented reality and virtual racing platforms are being developed regularly.

Many competitions, challenges and leader boards are available to get involved in throughout the year. We are here to guide you to set a personal best, rank a specific workout, set an Australian or World record, or compe in an international competition such as the World Rowing Indoor Championships, C.R.A.S.H-B, Invictus Games or any of the hundreds of online / virtual competitions run every year

The last weekend in October every year Rowing Australia conducts the Australian Indoor Rowing Championships (AIRC) with both event centre and virtual racing options. In the lead up there are training programs, updates and helpful hints to keep you motivated and inspired. If competition isn’t your thing then get involved in one of our Challenges throughout the year.

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