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GRow Program

Physical activity and sport have a positive impact on people’s physical, mental and social wellbeing. Rowing Australia is proud to partner with Sport AUS and the Move It AUS campaign to make more Australians active. Rowing Australia’s GRow program is focused on getting the inactive active, in the increasingly popular activity of indoor rowing.  Indoor rowing is a non-weight-bearing activity, allowing people of all ages and abilities to participate. Utilising 80% of muscle groups, it helps strengthen bones and muscles, while increasing fitness. The workouts can take as little as 20 minutes and range from resistance, to speed and fitness challenges – all are adjusted to suit the participants. Over 6 sessions, participants will learn the benefits of using an indoor rowing machine, improve technique, and identify opportunities to continue with their more active lifestyle well after the program has finished. Rowing Australia’s four targeted groups for this program are:

  • New mothers
  • Inactive adults in the community
  • Youths in secondary schools
  • Youths in custody at Youth Correctional Centres (YCC)

Providers of the GRow program have a significant knowledge of the sport and have the skills to create and deliver relevant programs unique to each centre and group. Recognising that facilities may not have the resources to support the program. Rowing Australia is able to offer a range of delivery options, including shipping equipment to your facility for the duration of the program. To support the sustainability of the program after the official program has finished, options are available for participants and staff to complete an online coaching course and mentor others on indoor rowing and the program.   For more information on the GRow problem, please contact:  Ron Batt, Participation and Education Manager, Rowing Australia [email protected]