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International Federation of Rowing Associations

FISA, “Fédération Internationale des Sociétés d’Aviron” in French, or the English equivalent International Federation of Rowing Associations is the governing body of the sport of rowing. It is empowered by its 120 member National Rowing Federations, the National Olympic Committees and the International Olympic Committee to govern the sport of rowing.

FISA sets the rules and regulations for the practice of the sport, in all its forms (elite, adaptive, and soon coastal and indoor), and organises sanctioned World Rowing events. It also provides advice and expertise for the organisation of rowing regattas, on coaching education and other matters relating to the sport and its development.

FISA was founded by representatives from France, Switzerland, Belgium, Adriatica (now a part of Italy) and Italy in Turin on June 25, 1892. It is the oldest international sports federation in the Olympic movement. Its first headquarters office was established in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1922 and, after moving away, returned to its roots in February 1996.

For more information visit the FISA website