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Navigating the US College System

Information to assist student athletes make informed decisions about their athletic and academic future.

US College Recruitment Guide available below

Rowing Australia recognises there is more than one pathway for athletes to progress through their rowing journey – one of these is the Australian pathway system, with the US student experience presenting another attractive option that you may wish to consider. Understandably, the opportunities presented by an offer of a scholarship at a US university/college can be exciting for athletes and parents.

Rowing and studying in a US College program offers a unique experience, combining a competitive rowing schedule with a tertiary education in your chosen field of study. It is one of 37 amateur sports offered within the US College system – it can be a complex and daunting environment to navigate. The following information aims to assist in your understanding of the US Collegiate system in order for you to make informed decisions about your potential athletic and academic future.



The Rowing Australia US Recruiting Guide provides information on the system and looks to answer any questions you may have about the process of attending College in the US. Please click on the image below to access the guide.


Recognising the significant size of the full document, the following summary Fact Sheets are provided for ease of reference:

Additionally, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) provides the following information:


International Academic Requirements


Country Specific Information

Choosing a College

Transfer Terms

International Student Athletes


International Documentation Requirements


The role of Rowing Australia’s Pathways Transition Manager, John Bowes, primarily focuses on better understanding the local and US environments in order to develop and maintain better connections with student athletes based in the US. John has established relationships with Head Coaches and Recruiters in numerous College Rowing Programs, providing him with a broad knowledge of the principles and expectations of each program, how they’re run and the academic standards of each College. John’s information and advice will be invaluable for athletes and parents seeking information when considering a US College experience and we recommend you contact John as your first point of call for accurate advice and information.

John Bowes
Rowing Australia – Pathways Transition Manager
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +61 439 958 367

Additionally, the following Pathway network contacts can provide guidance and information:

Deputy Performance Director Jaime Fernandez [email protected] 0427 271 297
Head Coach – Pathways Jason Lane [email protected]  0458 769 631
Head Coach – ACT David Fraumano [email protected] 0412 652 986
Pathway Centre NSW – NSWIS Vicki Linton [email protected] 0481 173 581
Head Coach – QAS Ben Southwell [email protected] 0400 143 671
High Performance Manager – QLD Andrew Service [email protected] 0414 545 469
Head Coach – SASI Nick Mitchell [email protected] 0431 185 332
Talent Pathway Coordinator – SA Christine MacLaren [email protected] 0413 042 176

Head Coach – TIS

Brett Crow [email protected] 0428 138 551
Head Coach – VIC Noel Donaldson [email protected] 0417 115 364
Pathway Coordinator – VIC Delwyn Oliver [email protected] 0447 373 456
Head Coach – WAIS Jamie Hewlett [email protected] 0432 854 716
Rowing Coach – WAIS Tom Gatti [email protected]

0427 328 655