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Important Memo regarding Shotz Cappuccino caffeinated gels

A memo has been released this week regarding Shotz Cappuccino caffeinated gels.  This was circulated by Dr David Hughes – in his role as AOC CMO, AIS CMO and a member of the AIS Sports Supplement Panel and Dr Corey Cunningham the APC’s CMO. (See below).

Several Shotz products were recently tested by a third party testing lab, to ensure safety for our Australian Athletes competing in Rio. Testing revealed that the sample of Shotz Cappuccino Energy Gel contained Phenylethylamine – a stimulant (S6) that is banned in competition. It is important to note that Phenylethylamine (PEA) is a naturally occurring substance found in some foods, including cocoa. It is thought to be in this product as a component of the flavouring.  PEA is metabolised very quickly, and would be cleared from the system within a day.  Despite the unlikely event of an athlete testing positive, the advice received from the testing lab was for athletes to avoid using caffeinated Cappuccino Energy Shotz gels in competition.  Please note that testing was also conducted on electrolyte tablets, Cola-Vanilla caffeinated gels, protein bars, and some flavours of non-caffeinated gels, with no adverse findings.

Our advice would be that if you have purchased Shotz Cappucino gels for your own use to discard these. It is an excellent reminder of the degree of care that needs to be taken to avoid accidental doping.  There are now a range of products available in Australia that are part of the Informed Sport Programme or have been batch tested with other laboratory facilities.  Rowers can check the Informed Sport website ( for products within that programme or ask their supplement company for a copy of the batch certificate.

Rowing Australia CMO, Dr Larissa Trease commented: “The release of this information is a timely reminder for all members of the rowing community about the risks of inadvertent doping through supplement use. I strongly encourage all rowers to review their need for any sports supplements.  Further information can be found within Rowing Australia’s Sports Food, Medical and Performance Supplement policy which describes a food first approach to wellbeing and success in rowing.”

Click here to read the memo from Dr David Hughes and Dr Corey Cunningham.