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Level Two Course for Coaching

There are THREE pre-requisites for enrolling in the Level 2 Course for Coaching:
1)  completion of the Level 1 Course for Coaching.
2)  one year experience as a Level 1 accredited coach.
3)  be currently accredited as a Level 1 coach.

The Level 2 Course for Coaching incorporates two components:
1)  completion of the online course consisting of four modules.
2)  completion of a one-day workshop in your State or Territory.

Upon completion of the online course you will receive a certificate. You will need to email your certificate to your State Rowing Association to reserve a place in their next available one-day workshop. The workshop will cover Rigging and Rowing Technique and includes assessment.

The total cost of the course is $350 and the link to the new course is here.   Please note, if you registered and paid for the old online course but did not complete the online component, please email us at [email protected]