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Masters Rowing is open to rowers from the beginning of the year during which they turn 27. Masters rowers fit in categories A to L depending on their age or the average age of their crew.
The masters rower may then compete against others with the same average age in the respective category, or against rowers/crews of an older or younger category with a handicap.

The aim of a masters rower can be everything from recreational rowing to competing at regattas. Masters rowers compete in every type of regatta from local, state, national and international events.  Many masters rowers enjoy travelling to race on different courses around the world.  Competition on a straight course is generally over 1000m, however sprints and long distances races are also popular.

Masters rowing also focuses on the health and fitness benefits of rowing, socialising and forming friendships.

The age of a rower in a masters rowing event shall be that which he/she attains during the year of the event. Masters rowing events shall be held in the following crew age categories:

  • A. Minimum age: 27 years
  • B. Average age: 36 years or more
  • C. Average age: 43 years or more
  • D. Average age: 50 years or more
  • E. Average age: 55 years or more
  • F. Average age: 60 years or more
  • G. Average age: 65 years or more
  • H. Average age: 70 years or more
  • I. Average age: 75 years or more
  • J. Average age: 80 years or more
  • K. Average age: 83 years or more
  • L. Average age: 86 years or more
  • M. Average age: 89 years or more

Age categories do not apply to coxswains of masters crews. Each competitor shall be responsible for his/her own health and fitness.

The RA Masters’ Commission was created in 2013 to provide advice, leadership and guidance for the Australian Masters rowing community.
More details about the Commission, it’s members and to access minutes of it’s meetings are available here

Regattas that are popular with Australian Masters include:

State Masters Regattas including Championship Regattas

Henley Masters Regatta: 12-13 July 2019:

2019 World Rowing Tour Finland
20-27 July 2019
North Karelia, Finland 

Canadian Henley Regatta
St Catharine’s, Canada
4 August 2019 Masters
6-11 August 2019 Race Week

World Rowing Masters Regatta
Lake Velence, Hungary
11-15 September 2019:

Australian Masters Games
West Lakes, South Australia
5-12 October 2019

Head of the Charles Regatta (Boston)
19-20 October 2019

Head of the Yarra 
30 November 2019

Australian Masters Rowing Championships
Lake Barrington, Tasmania
29 April – 2 May 2020

World Masters Games – Rowing  (held every four years)
14-30 May 2021
Kansai, Japan 


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