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National Communications Network

The National Communications Network (NCN) is a tool that is designed to assist Rowing Australia and its Member Associations to better engage with the whole Australian rowing community, and to promote and share the good news that is generated by the Australian rowing public on a regular basis. The NCN’s purpose is to facilitate a two-way flow of communication material to help provide to both Rowing Australia and all its Member Associations a wide range of good news stories, historical updates and pertinent information on major rowing events taking place across the country. The Network aims to produce content to be published through the following channels:

  • Rowing Australia’s website
    • Member Association Websites
    • Club Websites
  • Regular President’s Newsletter
  • Social Media (both RA and Members Associations)
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • YouTube

The NCN is designed to be mutually beneficial to all involved with Member Associations and their Clubs being provided with content from the sport’s governing body while Rowing Australia receives in return stories and information to promote the whole of sport to not only the rowing world but beyond. We encourage clubs and individuals with an interest or background in communications and a passion for rowing to join the NCN. If you or your club have a story to tell we’d love to share it so that the entire Australian rowing community is up to date with the exciting news that is generated in every corner of the country. Should a person be interested in providing stories and content to the Network, in the first instance they should be sent to your Member Association who in turn will forward the story onto RA dependent on the suitability of the content. Not all content will feature on RA’s platforms, but may feature instead only at a state level, subject depending Please send expressions of interest, stories, event information or relevant content to the following persons, depending on your State. Stories can come in the form of written word, video, photography or any other suitable form of media:

ACT: Sally Clark ([email protected]) TAS: Rob Prescott ([email protected])
NSW: Marcus Della Marta ([email protected]) WA: Izzie Day ([email protected])
QLD: Lucy Benjamin ([email protected]) VIC: Adam Harrison ([email protected])
SA: Jo Malcolm ([email protected]) RA: TBC