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Our Vision

RA and its Member Associations have collaboratively developed and adopted a whole of sport plan that provides the strategic direction for the entire rowing community. The ‘Rowing in Australia: 5+5 Strategic Plan’ features a powerful vision, supported by specific strategies and tactics for RA, its Member Associations and registered clubs, all of which contribute to the achievement of our overall vision.

More information about the ‘Rowing in Australia: 5+5 Strategic Plan’, is available here.


To inspire our community to achieve excellence and wellbeing through the sport of rowing. 

Our vision is powerful and unambiguous. It provides a common goal that unites the entire Australian rowing community. Achieving our collective vision will require Australian rowing to lead the world across all of its activities, from sustained international success, to its vibrant and inclusive community, its high quality events, right through to the safe, fun and healthy participation opportunities it provides for all Australians.


INTEGRITY Ethically and transparently be accountable for our sport.

TEAMWORK Achieve collective success by pulling together all levels of sport in one direction.

RESPECT Genuinely embrace diversity and invite and value contributions from everyone in our community.

COURAGE Seek and encourage innovative thinking and brave actions to shape our legacy.

Drivers for Success: 

Alignment – Strong collaboration & communication between all stakeholders to grow and deliver the sport.

Inclusion – Fostering inclusive environments and embedding principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion across the sport.

Performance – Integrated & aligned performance ecosystem that delivers success milestones at all levels of the sport.

Innovation – Seeking innovative strategies to grow and develop the sport.

Sustainability – Embedding principles of sustainability and pursuing initiatives that are important and relevant to the rowing community.