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Personal Accident Insurance

We have received a number of queries from the community about personal accident insurance for members that wish to keep rowing but are not taking part in sanctioned club activities (due to Government restrictions).

Please note the Rowing Australia personal accident insurance covers members for all activities sanctioned by the state associations and clubs in respect of Rowing.  

In the event there are no sanctioned activities taking place, if a rowing club has closed for example, or in the case of a State/Territory government advising of no club-sanctioned training can take place, but members that are private boat-owners still wish to  train / take their boat out by themselves, unless it is a sanctioned club (or state) activity there is no cover under the personal accident policy.

There are a number of safety and risk management considerations to be taken into account by members and Aon Insurance can provide more detail on these if required.

Please note cover under the Aon-QBE club marine hull and individual rowing craft policies is in place regardless if members’ associated clubs are open or not.

We advise any rower to contact their Member Association int he first instance before looking to row at this time.