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Coaching Better Every Season


Maximise the development of your athletes and team throughout the year and just maybe win a postseason title in the process. Coaching Better Every Season: A Year-Round System for Athlete Development and Program Success presents a blueprint for such success, detailing proven coaching methods and practices in preseason, in-season, postseason and off-season.



Coaching Better Every Season – Wade Gilbert

The Coach Doc, Dr. Wade Gilbert, shares his research-supported doses of advice that have helped coaches around the globe troubleshoot their ailing programs into title contenders. His field-tested yet innovative prescriptions and protocols for a more professional approach to coaching are sure to produce positive results both in competitive outcomes and in the enjoyment of the experience for athletes and coaches.

Coaching Better Every Season applies to all sports and guides coaches through the critical components of continual improvement while progressing from one season to the next in the annual coaching cycle. It also presents many practical exercises and evaluation tools that coaches can apply to athletes and teams at all levels of competition. This text is sure to make every year of coaching a more rewarding, if not a trophy-winning, experience.

Contents: (424 pages)

Part I Pre-season: Envision
Chapter 1. Define Purpose and Core Values
Chapter 2. Connect Values to a Philosophy
Chapter 3. Set Target Outcomes
Chapter 4. Build Trust and Cohesion

Part II In-Season: Enact
Chapter 5. Develop Athletic Talent and Skill
Chapter 6. Optimize Athletes’ Learning
Chapter 7. Design Quality Practices
Chapter 8. Ensure Precompetition Readiness
Chapter 9. Coach Effectively on Game Day

Part III End of Season: Evaluate
Chapter 10. Design and Implement a Program Evaluation System
Chapter 11. Recognize and Build on Strengths

Part IV Off-Season: Enhance
Chapter 12. Close Performance Gaps
Chapter 13. Collaborate and Learn
Chapter 14. Recharge and Ignite

Closing Repeating Success


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