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Pregnancy Fitness


Your journey through a comfortable, safe and confident pregnancy begins with Pregnancy Fitness. This practical guide answers your questions and delivers the information, exercises, and workouts you need to maintain your personal fitness and enjoy the best possible experience in welcoming your baby to the world.



Pregnancy Fitness – Julia Di Paolo, Samantha Montpetit-Huynh and Kimberly Vopni

Written by three experts in prenatal and postpartum fitness, pelvic floor exercise and core restoration, Pregnancy Fitness covers all physical and physiological aspects of pregnancy, birth and recovery so you can enjoy peace of mind throughout your pregnancy and long after delivery.

You’ll get complete need-to-know information about hormones, body and posture changes, and common pregnancy aches and pains, along with critical information on diastasis recti and pelvic floor health, which aims to support and protect your body from core dysfunction.

A full spectrum of stretching, strengthening, and functional exercises provides the focus, description, safety tips and variations that allow you to progress safely through your pregnancy and to be physically prepared for birth and optimal recovery. The sample workout programs guide you through each phase of pregnancy, including postpartum, to help you establish and meet your personal fitness goals with comfort and confidence.

Contents: (296 pages)

Part I. Understanding Your Body Through Pregnancy
Chapter 1. Effects of Pregnancy on the Body
Chapter 2. Get Fit for Birth
Chapter 3. The Pelvic Floor: The Foundation of the Core
Chapter 4. The Abdominals: During Pregnancy and Beyond

Part II. Exercises to Prepare and Recover From Birth
Chapter 5. Stretching Techniques
Chapter 6. Strengthening the Core
Chapter 7. Strength and Endurance for the Upper Body
Chapter 8. Strength and Endurance for the Lower Body
Chapter 9. Functional Movement for Motherhood

Part III. Sample Programs for Each Phase of Pregnancy
Chapter 10. Choosing Your Program and Level of Fitness
Chapter 11. First Trimester Workouts
Chapter 12. Second Trimester Workouts
Chapter 13. Third Trimester Workouts
Chapter 14. Fourth Trimester Workouts


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