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RA Appeals Review – Inviting Written Submissions

As part of its commitment to continually reviewing and improving its governance practices, Rowing Australia is undertaking a review of its Selection Appeals process for Australian rowing teams.

The review will to address and recommend actions on Appeals Processes and Framework in order to provide the following outcomes:

  • Enhance rowing selection appeals processes, ensuring they are as efficient and efficacious as possible
  • Confirm current practices that are working
  • To consider possible practices that will improve and clarify RA HP Selection Appeals processes and policy
  • Consideration of the inclusion of a ‘Selection Ombudsman’
  • Exploration of the role of the of Counselling and Debriefing as a part of selection
  • Identify refinements to the Selection Process that may reduce the likelihood and impact of selection appeals.
  • Ensuring that the Appeals Process is as timely and efficient as possible

The review panel is chaired by former RA Board Director and former director of the AIS, John Boultbee. The panel will also include Nick Hunter – Performance Manager at the Australian Institute of Sport, Jaime Fernandez – Rowing Australia Deputy Performance Director, Matthew Treglown – Rowing Australia General Manager – Operations and David Yates  as a nonexecutive Australian Rowing Team selector.

The review panel will consider best practice examples of other High Performance sports’ appeals processes and policies. The Panel will also consult with a range of informed stakeholders including recent appellants, tribunal members, the RA Athletes’ Commission, coaches, Board, State Associations and other stakeholders to ensure it is considering all relevant information as part of the review.

In addition to gathering information directly from stakeholders, the review panel would welcome input from informed members of the rowing community in the form of written submissions to the Selection Appeals process.

Given that the review panel will be considering information from a range of sources all written submissions should be:

  • As succinct as possible (no more than 1,000 words)
  • Focussed on any recommendations to improve the process
  • Directed towards the specified review outcomes
  • Focussed specifically on the appeals process, rather than on the process of crew selection which is not included in the scope of the panel’s review.

Submissions which do not meet the criteria listed above may not be considered by the review panel.

Written submission should be forwarded to Matthew Treglown, General Manager of Operations on [email protected] by close of business 10th August 2015.