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RA Environmental Sustainability Policy

In becoming ‘Clean and Green’ – Rowing Australia brings together two key principles under an overarching Policy direction and theme. Anti Doping and RA’s Environmental Sustainability Policy, will shape the operations of RA for future generations of rowers. As active and healthy community members, rowers take pride in helping to look after the waterways and local environs of the rivers and water we use. Rowing Australia and its Rowing Community members are committed to its Clean & Green theme and will work towards the holistic principles of fair play and environmental sustainability.

Rowing is a sport that requires clean water and clean air. Rowers are mindful of protecting the environment on which they must rely to carry on their sport. The Environmental Sustainability Policy records Rowing Australia’s commitment to rowing practices, which continue that association and encourage a culture of responsibility for protecting nature and therefore the sustainability of the sport. The policy and Clean and green Statement of Principles highlight important issues and appropriate ways of dealing with them in accordance with sustainable environmental practice.

pdfRA Environmental Sustainability Policy