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RA Medical Management Policy

The Australian Rowing Team (ARTeam) has created a process of managing an athlete’s medical information that aims to best serve both the athlete and the sport. At all times the athlete’s well being is of utmost importance, and the principle of confidentiality of medical information remains paramount.

However, there is a need for the ARTeam Chief Medical Officer and Coaching Staff within the ARTeam to receive a certain amount of relevant information. This information is important to ensure the best possible medical care when planning for an athlete shifting training locations, joining an overseas touring team or for matters of selection.

This document outlines the process, which all athletes who have nominated or intend to nominate for national selection, should follow in the event of injury or illness affecting their ability to complete training, racing or a selection event.

The first stage of the policy outlines the process that an athlete and coach need to follow when an injury or illness occur. There are additional comments about the Rowing Australia Anti-Doping Policy, Private Health Insurance and the Preferred Providers Network. A copy of the NTC Injury / Illness Report & Consent Form is available for those requiring it (bel0w), while the AIS White Paper referred to in the MMP is also available on this page.

You can view the policy here:

Medical Management Policy pdf

Rowing Australia Medical Exemption Form (Excel Document)

pdfAIS White Paper