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Race times for Wednesday 2 September at World Rowing Championships

Below are the times the Australian Rowing Team will be racing today (Wednesday) in Aiguebelette, France. Keep up to date via Rowing Australia’s social media channels and World Rowing’s website,

Lightweight Men’s Single Scull – Tim McDonnell (coached by Brett Crow). Quarter-Final, Lane 6. 19:05 AEST (11:05 Local Time). 1-3 to Semi-Final A/B, 4… to Semi-Final C/D.

Lightweight Men’s Quadruple Scull – Jonothon Hookway, Tom Perry, Edward de Carvalho and James Wilson (coached by David England). Repechage, Lane 5. 19:20 AEST (11:20 Local Time). 1-2 to A-Final, 3… to B-Final

Men’s Pair – Jack Hargreaves and Nick Wheatley (coached by Mark Prater). Quarter-Final, Lane 4. 19:35 AEST (11:35 Local Time). 1-3 to Semi-Final A/B; 4… to Semi-Final C/D

Lightweight Women’s Double Scull – Alice McNamara and Ella Flecker (coached by Mark Fangen-Hall). Quarter-Final, Lane 3. 20:10 AEST (12:10 Local Time). 1-3 to Semi-Final A/B; 4… to Semi-Final C/D

Women’s Double Scull – Sally Kehoe and Olympia Aldersey (coached by Jason Lane). Repechage, Lane 3. 20:50 AEST (12:50 Local Time). 1-2 to Semi-Final A/B; 3… to Semi-Final C/D

Women’s Eight – Lucy Stephan, Hannah Vermeersch, Georgie Howe, Rosie Popa, Meaghan Volker, Katrina Bateman, Alexandra Hagan, Charlotte Sutherland and Sarah Banting © (coached by Andrew Randell). Repechage, Lane 2. 21:20 AEST (13:20 Local Time). 1-2 to A-Final; 3… B-Final.

Women’s Single Scull – Kim Crow (coached by Lyall McCarthy). Quarter-Final, Lane 4. 21:50 AEST (13:50 Local Time). 1-3 Semi-Final A/B; Semi-Final C/D.

Men’s Eight – Christopher Cunningham-Reid, James Chapman, Sam Hookway, Scott Laidler, Fergus Pragnell, Nick Purnell, Matt Ryan, Joshua Booth and David Webster © (coach Tim McLaren). Repechage, Lane 5. 1-2 to A-Final; 3… B-Final.

Arms and Shoulders Men’s Single Scull – Erik Horrie (coached by Jason Baker). Semi-Final, Lane 3. 1-3 to A-Final, 4.. to B Final

LTA Mixed Coxed Four – Sara Waitzer, Alistair Chong, Jeremy McGrath, Kate Murdoch and Jo Burnand © (coached by Gordon Marcks). Semi-Final, Lane 6. 1-3 into A-Final, 4… B-Final.