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Results of the 2020 Anzac Day Indoor Rowing Challenge

The results are in for the inaugural Anzac Day Indoor Rowing Challenge

 Congratulations to all those who participated!

New Zealanders claimed the challenge this year, but the challenge’s purpose and yesterday’s efforts were first and foremost undertaken to honour our Anzac brothers and sisters – past and present.

Over the last 24 hours, the total number of participants across New Zealand and Australia was 1,500 – just 14% of the total number of Anzac lives estimated to have been lost during the Gallipoli campaign alone. The total distance recorded by both countries is 19,398 kms. This distance is roughly one and a half times the distance from Albany, Western Australia (where the ANZAC troops departed from in 1914) to Anzac Cove in Turkey.

Rowing Australia, Rowing NZ and Eric Murray would like to especially thank the Colgan Foundation for committing to donate $3,000 NZD to the Royal New Zealand Returned and Services Association (RSA) and $2,000 AUD to the RSL Australia ANZAC Appeal.

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