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RIGGERS Sporting Schools Indoor Rowing Program

The Riggers Indoor Rowing Program is an innovative youth engagement program for the sport of rowing. If you’re interested in being involved in the program, find out more about it below!

It is based entirely on the use of rowing machines. It is not a Learn to Row Program, but Riggers does seek to develop the necessary skills required to row, through games and group activities.

Success of the program is based on three key outcomes that all participants:

  • Remain safe / uninjured
  • Learn about the benefits of indoor rowing and a healthy lifestyle, while having fun
  • Are likely to recommend the Riggers program to a friend.

The most desirable attributes of the coach delivering the Riggers Program is a passion for rowing, being supportive, patient, keen to share their love of rowing and excited about the success of others. The tone of the coach will be crucial.  All coaches must be currently accredited NCAS coaches.


Riggers Indoor is targeted at students at a primary school level (Years 5 and 6), and secondary school. Over 5800 primary schools have been funded in the Sporting Schools Program. In Term 3 there will be a limited roll out to a small number of secondary schools.

Key Points:

  • Each Riggers Indoor Rowing Program will be four (4) 45min sessions.
  • Each session will progress into the next, and is flexible so you can adapt the program to the needs, abilities and progress of the group you have.
  • Activity cards will be provided to allow you to plan each session.
  • It is recommended you have access to a minimum of six (6) rowing machines, and the ability to transport these each session to the school.
  • We highly recommend you engage the teachers at the school to ensure you have a high level of understanding of individual abilities and class dynamics.
  • There must be a warm up component each session.
  • The addition of aspects of personal responsibility to the sessions is encouraged. e.g. this could be through a points or award system. Every participant starts with 100 points, and gets additional points for demonstrating different aspects related to self-respect/ care (bringing your water bottle, hygiene – wiping down machines at the end of each row), commitment (turning up on time), participation, leadership etc. Points may be deducted for things such as forgetting your water bottle, criticising others, back chatting etc. If an award system is implemented, each week someone is awarded a ‘best and fairest’.

Costs and Considerations:

The Riggers Indoor Rowing Program is funded through the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) Sporting Schools program. Schools apply for funding, and if approved, can use that funding to run programs from the 32 sports currently on offer. The cost of the program is a factor in the school’s choice of sports. When Rowing Australia runs a program, it will invoice each school directly and make a payment to each Club and provider involved upon receipt of a tax invoice.

Each Club or provider will cover the costs of the rowing machines, transport, maintenance, repairs and insurances.

The cost of each Riggers Indoor Program is:

  • $360 for a program where one coach is required. This would have up to 12 students.
  • $510 for a program where two coaches are required. This would have between 13 and 24 students.
  • $660 for a program where three coaches are required. This would have between 25 and 32 students.

 All primary schools are eligible for the Sporting Schools program.  There will be an increased number of secondary schools over the coming terms as the Sporting Schools program aims to have funded 300 secondary schools by the end of 2018 giving students in years 7 and 8 an opportunity to enjoy a variety of sports. The secondary school program is targeted at addressing the barriers that prevent youngsters, particularly young women from participating in sport. It also offers tailored resources and support where it is needed most.

We hope you will see the great opportunity for all of us involved in rowing to take our sport into the primary schools and engage youngsters. Sporting Schools is a $160 million Australian Government funded initiative designed to assist schools to increase youngster’s sport participation and to connect them with community sporting opportunities.

If you are keen to be involved, please contact Rowing Australia at: [email protected] and also use that email if you have any questions.