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Rowing Australia confirms crews for the 2015 World Rowing Championships

Event is also the qualification regatta for the 2016 Rio Olympic and Paralympic Games

Rowing Australia today confirmed the 18 crews that will race at the 2015 World Rowing Championships set to be held in Aiguebelette, France from 30 August to 6 September.

The event, which includes para-rowing, is the qualification regatta for the 2016 Rio Olympic and Paralympic Games. Australia will be aiming to qualify boats in 12 Olympic boat classes and three Paralympic boat classes, while there will be three non-Olympic boats racing too.

While athletes may qualify their respective boat for the 2016 Rio Olympic or Paralympic Games at the event in Aiguebelette, this does not guarantee them a berth in the Australian Olympic or Paralympic Rowing Teams. Athletes will be subject to selection consideration in early 2016 for the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Information on where crews are required to finish at the event, in order to qualify their respective boat for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games can be found here, while for 2016 Paralympic Games the information is available here.

Kimberley Crow will be aiming to maintain her winning momentum from her recent World Rowing Cup performances to secure a second World Rowing Championships title while Australia’s two para-rowing World Champions will be aiming to make it a trifecta of wins.

Erik Horrie in the ASM1x and Kathryn Ross and Gavin Bellis in the TAMix2x will be looking to not only qualify their boat classes for Rio de Janeiro next year but also to claim a third consecutive World Para-Rowing Championships title each.

The event will also see the debut appearance of Australia’s Legs, Trunks and Arms Mixed Coxed Four featuring Alistair Chong, Sara Waitzer, coxswain Josephine Burnand and 2014 silver medallists in the LTA Mixed Double Scull, Kathleen Murdoch and Jeremy McGrath.

National Performance Director, Chris O’Brien said: “We are confident that the crews selected for this year’s event will only do well on the World Championship stage but will also qualify their respective boats for the 2016 Rio Olympic and Paralympic Games.

“The crews selected will be focussed not only on winning medals at this World Rowing Championships but also securing Olympic or Paralympic qualification for their respective boat class which will make for an exciting event in France.”

Australian Rowing Team for the 2015 World Rowing Championships

In brackets (Club, State – SIS/SAS scholarship at time of selection onto Senior ARTeam, Level 2B and above)

Olympic Boat Classes

Women’s Single Scull
Kimberley Crow (Melbourne University BC/VIC – NTC- Canberra)
Coach: Lyall McCarthy (NTC-Canberra)

Women’s Double Scull
Olympia Aldersey (Adelaide RC/SA – SASI)
Sally Kehoe (Sydney University Women’s RC/QLD – SASI)
Coach: Jason Lane (SASI)

Women’s Quadruple Scull
Jennifer Cleary (Mercantile RC/VIC – VIS)
Jessica Hall (Brisbane & GPS/QLD – QAS)
Kerry Hore (Huon RC/TAS – TIS)
Madeleine Edmunds (Commercial RC/QLD – QAS)
Coach: Tom Westgarth (QAS)
Sculling Reserve: Fiona Albert (Mercantile RC/QLD – VIS)

Women’s Lightweight Double Scull
Alice McNamara (Melbourne University BC/VIC – VIS)
Ella Flecker (Huon RC/TAS – NTC-Canberra)
Coach: Mark Fangen-Hall (NTC-Canberra)

Men’s Double Scull
Alexander Belonogoff (Sydney University BC/NSW – SASI)
James McRae (Murray Bridge RC/SA – SASI)
Coach: Rhett Ayliffe (WAIS)

Men’s Quadruple Scull
Cameron Girdlestone (Sydney University BC/NSW – NSWIS)
David Crawshay (Mercantile RC/VIC – VIS)
David Watts (Swan River RC/WA – NTC-Canberra)
Karsten Forsterling (Melbourne University BC/VIC – VIS)
Coach: John Driessen (Huon RC)
Scull Reserve: Max McQueeney (Buckingham RC/TAS – NTC-Canberra)

Women’s Coxless Pair
Molly Goodman (Adelaide RC/SA – NTC-Canberra)
Genevieve Horton (Mosman RC/NSW – NSWIS)
Coach: Bill Tait (VIS)

Women’s Coxed Eight
Hannah Vermeersch (WARC/WA – WAIS)
Lucy Stephan (Melbourne University BC/VIC – NTC-Canberra)
Renee Chatterton (Adelaide RC/SA – SASI)
Rosemary Popa (Banks RC/VIC)
Meaghan Volker (Buckingham RC/TAS)
Charlotte Sutherland (Mercantile RC/VIS – NTC-Canberra)
Alexandra Hagan (Swan River RC/WA – WAIS)
Katrina Bateman (Mercantile RC/VIC)
Sarah Banting – Coxwain (Mercantile RC/VIC)
Coach: Andrew Randell (ACTAS)

Men’s Coxless Pair
Jack Hargreaves (Sydney University BC/NSW – NTC-Canberra)
Nicholas Wheatley (Sydney University BC/NSW – NTC-Canberra)
Coach: Mark Prater (Sydney University BC)

Men’s Coxless Four
William Lockwood (Melbourne University BC/VIC – NTC-Canberra)
Alexander Lloyd (Sydney RC/NSW – NTC-Canberra)
Spencer Turrin (Sydney RC/NSW – NTC- Canberra)
Alexander Hill (Adelaide RC/SA – NTC-Canberra)
Coach: Simon Cox (NTC-Canberra)

Men’s Coxed Eight
Matthew Ryan (Sydney University BC/NSW –VIS)
Joshua Booth (Melbourne University BC/VIC – VIS)
James Chapman (Sydney RC/NSW – NSWIS)
Scott Laidler (Dutton Park RC/QLD – NTC-Canberra)
Nicholas Purnell (Sydney University BC/NSW – NSWIS)
Samuel Hookway (Melbourne University BC/VIC)
Joshua Dunkley-Smith (Mercantile RC/VIC – VIS)
Fergus Pragnell (Sydney University BC/NSW – VIS)
David Webster – Coxswain (Melbourne University BC/VIC – VIS)
Coach: Tim McLaren (UTS RC)
Men’s Sweep Reserves: Christopher Cunningham-Reid (Sydney University BC/NSW) and Joshua Hicks (Sydney RC/NSW – NSWIS)

Men’s Lightweight Coxless Four
Darryn Purcell (Toowong RC/QLD – TIS)
Nicholas Silcox (Toowong RC/QLD – TIS)
Perry Ward (Swan River/WA – WAIS)
Timothy McDonnell (Toowong RC/QLD)
Coach: Brett Crow (TIS)

Paralympic Boat Classes

Arms and Shoulders Men’s Single Scull
Erik Horrie (Sydney RC/QLD – NSWIS)
Coach: Jason Baker (Sydney RC)

Trunk and Arms Mixed Double Scull
Kathryn Ross (ANUBC/VIC – NTC-Canberra)
Gavin Bellis (Powerhouse RC/VIC – NTC-Canberra)
Coach: Gordon Marcks (NTC-Canberra)

Legs, Trunk and Arms Mixed Coxed Four
Alistair Chong (Tasmania University BC/TAS)
Jeremy McGrath (Balmain RC/NSW – NSWIS)
Kathleen Murdoch (Nepean RC/NSW – NSWIS)
Sara Waitzer (Tasmania University BC/TAS)
Josephine Burnard (Mosman RC/NSW)
Coach: Gordon Marcks (NTC-Canberra)

Non-Olympic Boats

Lightweight Women’s Quadruple Scull
Laura Dunn (UTS RC/NSW – NSWIS)
Sarah Pound (UTS RC/NSW – NSWIS)
Maia Simmonds (University of WA/WA – NTC Canberra)
Georgia Miansarow (Mosman RC/NSW)
Coach: Ellen Randell (UTS RC)

Lightweight Women’s Single Scull
Georgia Nesbitt (Huon RC/TAS)
Coach: Ellen Randell (UTS RC)

Lightweight Men’s Quadruple Scull
Jonothon Hookway (Melbourne University BC/VIC)
James Wilson (Mercantile RC/VIC)
Tom Perry (Canberra RC/ACT)
Edward de Carvalho (UTS RC/NSW)
Coach: David England (Melbourne University BC)